12+ Signs Someone Is in Love With You: Truly & Genuinely

Have you ever wondered if someone truly loves you? Are the signs of love something that you can easily recognize? Unfortunately, love can be tricky to interpret, and it can sometimes be difficult to tell if someone truly loves you. This article will provide insight into the various ways you can know if someone loves you, allowing you to have confidence in your relationship.

When it comes to an understanding the complexities of love, it can sometimes be difficult to be sure if someone truly feels the same way about you that you do about them. Sure, it can be easy to tell if someone is infatuated with you, but how do you know if it runs deeper than that? In this article, we’ll dive deep into the topic of love, exploring the signs and symptoms of a passionate, genuine relationship and how to tell if someone loves you.

Love isn’t always easy to read, but it doesn’t have to be confusing, either. How do you know when someone loves you? Knowing for sure if someone loves you can be tricky, but it’s possible to make an educated guess based on the signs. Do they hold your hand when you walk together? Do they share secrets with you? Or do they make time to spend with you? These are just some of the many ways someone can show their love for you – so read on and find out what else to look for in someone who loves you so much!

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How To Know If A Person Truly Loves You

You’re dating someone already, or you have not much in common with them yet, but from their body language, it seems they have feelings for you, yet you are not sure.

Or maybe you love them and hope that they love you back, so you want to find out.

Signs That Show Someone Loves You

Before going into detail, here is a quick summary:

When someone loves you, they are likely to show you in many ways. Some indicators of love and things you should know include:

  • Giving you small gifts or souvenirs that have special meaning or significance to them.
  • Laughing at your jokes and exhibiting signs of joy when they are with you.
  • Showing you physical affection, such as hugs or holding your hand.
  • Being generous with their time and energy and going out of their way to do something special for you.
  • Verbalizing their feelings and sharing intimate thoughts and memories with you.
  • Wanting to spend much of their time with you and feeling incomplete when you are not around.
  • Staying faithful and committed to you in their words and actions.

Here are signs someone is in love with you:

Their eyes tell the tale

The eyes are the direct window to the soul. The beauty of love is seen through the eyes.

When they can’t let their eyes off you, you seem to be the focal point upon which they revolve. Their eyes beam with love.

They look forth and back toward your direction. Their pupils go wide as they gaze at you.

Each time they smile, they look at you.

When you suddenly appear, there is this shocking but glaring amazement like fire flames in their eyes.

And when you stare back, or your eyes catch up with theirs, they quickly withdraw or shy away from your direction. It is love! Or at least intending love.

These are the first signs of love displayed through the eyes.

The eyes play a significant role in proclaiming how much someone may intend to love you.

Here you can also find signs of unspoken mutual attraction.

You become their priority

Someone gives you a special treat, yet they treat others differently.

For no reason, they make you their priority, like always asking after you, trying to help you stay safe, and buying you gifts.

They are always coming closer to you, asking after you and your activities, calling, chatting, teasing you rightly, taking your hand in public, and always making you appear special and cared for.

They always know the right discussions to engage you with, ask about your passions, and use open-ended questions to engage you in deep conversations. They put in a lot of effort to try and prioritize you even before their many needs.

You are fully satisfied with each time you spend with them because they always make efforts to satisfy you.

When someone loves you, one of the ways to show you this love is by making every moment count. So they would want to create a memory of them in your head so that you keep thinking about them.

They subtly talk about the future

If they are always willing to discuss their future with you and subtly paint a future for two, you can easily see that they are willing to move forward with you. They love you.

Love is more about being open and sincere. For them not to keep you in the dark regarding the future means they are considering spending it with you.

Except someone nurses the idea of having you around for a very long time, they may never discuss their future with you.

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They are patient

If someone truly loves you, they will be patient with you.

You may be having a hard time coming around to responding to their request for commitment due to some obvious reasons. However, if they are able to exercise some patience and wait a little longer, they genuinely love you.

People that love you will keep coming even when you are giving them a red flag. They want to make sure that your no truly means no.

Also, here are examples of healthy boundaries.

They keep in touch

Communication is the key. When people love you, it is seen in the way they communicate with you because that is the only way to express their love freely.

Communication helps to open the door so they can properly express the way they feel about you. It is the engineer for other forms of approach.

It is almost impossible to love without any form of communication. Even gestures, and eye movements are also forms of communication.

Human souls sometimes need someone to say those healing words to them, and someone who loves you would fill this gap.

Healthy communication heals the soul. Maybe you have been through a lot and, subsequently, have closed the door to love. A true lover wouldn’t quit until they reopen your heart for love.

They respect you

Respect can exist without intimate love, but love can’t exist without respect, so respect could sometimes mean love.

They respect your decisions and opinions and will never take your voice away from you.

When someone truly loves you, they will more likely treat you with respect and think things through before saying them, as they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

They don’t rash out on you even when they are very upset. They always try to find a way to get themselves calmed even a bit before talking things out with you.

If at times they use more humble words like, I’m sorry, my bad, please, thank you, and so on, they respect you.

Someone that loves you doesn’t keep bugging you but allows you some quiet time if that is what you want. They don’t meddle in your privacy.

It is in their body language

In most cases, love can show through non-verbal cues.

When you see that all their actions are directed towards you, as in, you are their center of attraction.

When they can’t handle themselves around you, as in, they may fumble or fidget or miscalculate or appear nervous around you. It means they have feelings for you.

When they knowingly or unknowingly mirror your body language. You have their attention and have created powerful emotional desires in them.

Watch these, for it could be love.

They want to take care of your needs

In one way or another, the people who love you would want to care for you.

They would want to buy you gifts, run little errands for you, support you financially, emotionally, and so on.

They get sad when you lose things that are important to you, and they try to help you get better.

They call or chat with you most of the time. They can’t stop thinking about you or trying to help or be your hero, as in the case of men.

They would seek advice from you

Even though sometimes it is normal just to seek advice from random people, if they seek this advice for the type of future they would choose or in line with their career, you are really in their line of thought.

If they see the future with you, they won’t let their ego prevent them from getting your opinion about their career or about their future plans.

You get to meet their family

It is love when they invite you to see their family. They are proud to be with you and want to show you off.

Maybe the mom has been asking to see who is in their life.

Or maybe they have been talking about you and painting a perfect picture of you before their family, so much so that the family pressured them to invite you.

For most people, taking you to meet their family is the surest way to prove their commitment and loyalty.

They make you feel complete and loved

The way they treat you would raise your self-esteem.

When people truly love you, they go out of their way to specially treat you right.

They stop thinking only for themselves and also think about how to make you feel loved.

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They express this love verbally

If someone truly loves you, they won’t only use body language and facial expressions to express it but will actually say it.

They may get nervous each time they try to talk to you about their feelings or are afraid of rejection, yet they would convey the message.

They may try to subtly say what is in their mind or sound as casual as possible or even make a hint first, but in the end, they would have expressed how they feel about you.

If you two are on social media, they may decide to use flirty emojis to kick off the conversation.

The bottom line is that they would have conveyed a super love message at the end.


When people love you, it’s written in their eyes. It’s seen in their body language. They prioritize you, hint to you about a beautiful future, get more patient with you, they care and respect you, and let you meet their family.

They would make it obvious that they love you, as they would let you know how much they love you.

How do you know when someone loves you? Have you had a different experience?