How To Make An Avoidant Person Miss You: Proven Ways

Are you tired of feeling like your avoidant partner doesn’t care about you? Do you want to make them miss you? If so, then you have come to the right place. This guide will look at proven strategies for making an avoidant miss you. From creating a safe space for them to express their feelings to finding creative ways to stay in touch, we’ll discuss different options for reconnecting and making them miss you. So, get ready to make an avoidant miss you!

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How to Get an Avoidant to Miss You

One thing is relatively straightforward and understandable; avoidant people also have the same heart as everyone else. However, these people are much more-stiffer to attract or get used to with.

Millions of people have avoidant behavior and are living in happy relationships. Yet, there are a few things to understand if you’re dating an avoidant.

First things first, avoidant people can tackle relationships, intimacy, and commitment but can never avoid love. It is a natural entity that has no discrimination. If you are looking for ways to make an avoidant miss you, here are the ways to do so;

1. Make sure you persistently and consistently make yourself available. This can include reaching out to them via text, talking to them on the phone, or sending them an email or letter.

2. Show them that you are willing and available to help. Whether that means offering to help them with their day-to-day tasks, offering emotional support, or anything else, show them that you are a reliable source of help.

3. Show that you are interested in what’s going on in their life. Ask them questions about their life, tell them you are interested in hearing about their interests and activities, and ensure that you’re actively listening when they tell you about them.

4. Express your feelings for them clearly. For example, tell them you still care about them and miss them.

5. Show them that you are the same reliable partner they previously knew. Make sure that you act in the same ways you used to when you were together, and make sure that they see that you are still the same person they cared about.

6. Show them that you are willing to compromise. Avoidant people are often hesitant to get close to others, so be willing to meet them halfway and accept whatever terms they are comfortable with.

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Ways to Make an Avoidant Miss You

Get offline from social media

In this time of the 21st century, social media is everything, a way to connect or a way to disconnect from the world. Social media has become a platform where every action has a meaning or dynamics.

Posting too many pictures and stuff will enable that person to think that you are perfectly fine and enjoying your life. However, you don’t want your loved one to think this way. To make him or her miss you, pause all your social media activities. That avoidant would be expecting your posts but will never see them.

They will become curious about you and will start asking your friends about your health. That person will start missing you as you won’t be posting any pictures or videos of yourself. Your guy will certainly text you after you do this.

Give a mysterious last reply

No matter how avoidant a person is, there are no avoiding mysteries. If you think that communicating openly and freely is the key to a healthy relationship, you’re thinking quite right. Yet, it would help if you were shady in some cases.

If you want your crush to miss you, don’t tell them everything. Keep something to yourself too. When you do that, you give the other person a chance to explore you more. If you become an open book, no one will struggle to read you. Leave a clue of something and walk away.

The other person will think about you every night, trying to solve the puzzle you gave to him. That avoidant person will be willing to spend more time with you, trying to know you more. You can also play little games to keep the mystery alive between you two; truth or dare might be that game.

Dress properly

One of the most common mistakes everyone makes is to prefer a lousy outlook when things start to get normal between two individuals. You should clear one thing, and you must get ready for your partner every day.

The sun shines again every morning, and a new day starts. Make your crush miss you by sending him or her a snap where you’re getting ready for school, college, job, or whatever, even if you need to be more engaged in a proper office routine.

Remember to dress up for your partner. Suppose you guys are going out on a date, and you’ve been natural with rough clothes and everything. Do you think that an avoidant person will miss you more like that? However, if you dress up finely and do proper makeup and stuff, you’ll surely have that person gazing at you with a shine.

Reduce your complaints

There is this problem with most people around the globe that they complain excessively to their partner. If you are willing to make an avoidant miss you, complaining to him or her about little things is the worst thing you could ever do. If a person lacks intimacy and passion, there are fewer chances of getting a proper response.

Suppose your crush has made any mistake, try to be gentler, and don’t rant. Be more lovable. After an argument, the person with patience is the one who gets apologized to by the other. It would help if you had a smooth and soothing impression on your avoidant partner.

The harsh and rude impact can even ruin the roots of your relationship. Try to be more gentle. Do share your sincere desires but maintain a line that should not be crossed in any case.

Be patient

The most important lesson that every one of us must adopt is to stay patient in a relationship. Patience can make you achieve things that you never thought of. Especially if you want an avoidant person to miss you, make sure that you have the trait of being patient.

As avoidant people sometimes become extremely rude, you must keep your nerves. Don’t lose your nerves if you have to wait several hours for a reply. Make the other person realize that you can live without him or her.

Don’t push yourself too hard on the other person. Interference must be very limited, just to avoid any misadventure. If your partner is taking days to reply, even then, you need to wait for the text instead of calling first and showing that you are dying without them. It would be best if you had the courage to deal with all types of results.

Positive body language

Positive body language is essential in any type of relationship. Not only your mouth but every inch of your body knows the language to speak. If you want to limit your words, use your body language to communicate. As you’re dating an avoidant person, you need to remember that he or she is afraid of making commitments.

Give soothing gestures. Suppose you guys are meeting after a while and are still determining when you will meet again. Use soft hands to greet them first. Then, moving on, maintain a healthy and admirable posture. You can give a lot of signs from your body, which can click their mind whenever they think about you. You can laugh with a wink or hold their hand while telling something exciting to them.

Don’t be irritating

People have this habit of texting again and again if someone is not replying. Texting too much is also irritating for an avoidant person. Not only this, if the limit of your sentences of texts is more than him or her, it’ll make them feel that you’re desperate for them.

However, you certainly don’t want them to think like that. Apart from it, asking silly questions is also something that ruins the conversation. Suppose you know their routine and still are asking, “How’s your day?” this will irritate them a lot. Be specific. Talk more precisely. Be clear about your conversation.

Plus, be on time to end a dying conversation. Leaving the conversation on a happy or romantic note can trigger their feelings of love. Whenever you’re planning to say goodbye, do it with something left to say, this will make him or her wait for your next message.

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Express your love

One thing you must always remember is that expressing your love only enhances your love. When two people love each other, they expect each other to speak their hearts out. If anyone is keeping their feelings to themselves, they are talking about the right of other people to know what’s in their heart.

When two people express their love for each other, the feeling of being blessed escalates with unimaginable speed. Do special things for your partner, even if he or she is an avoidant; they would love to see you appraise them. You can tell them that you like talking at night, a compliment about their hair, lips, or anything else.

So, whenever they watch themselves in the mirror, they will miss what you said about them. Give gifts they would use in their daily routine, as they can be your remembrance.

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Let mutual friends do the work

Suppose you find each one of the tips mentioned above hard to follow. The last thing you can do to make an avoidant miss you is you can let your mutual friends do all the work. You can ask your friends to talk to him or her about you.

Make them reminded of you, and friends can actually play their part quite well. For example, suppose he or she is out with your friends and they talk about you a lot. That avoidant person will eventually think about you and text you for no reason. This is why you also need to give some work to your friends.

There are a lot of types when it comes to avoidant individuals; there are some who are egoistic, some who are fearful, and some who are even shy.

First, properly study the nature of your partner, then use any of the tips mentioned above. Every individual has a different set of observations and personality traits. Keep all of them in mind.

However, remember that consistency is always required in any relationship. Make sure that you don’t skip that part; always just stay motivated.