How Long Does It Take to Fall in Love?

Love is an emotion that is often felt quickly, but understanding how long it takes to fall in love truly is something that has been a source of debate for centuries. While some say it takes a lifetime to truly fall in love with someone, others believe it can happen instantly. So how long does it really take to fall in love? This question has many answers, each dependent on individual relationships and circumstances.

Falling in love has no time limit. Every person experiences it differently and at their own pace. Some find love almost instantly, while others take a bit longer. But how long does it take to fall in love, and how long does it take to love someone? This article will explore those questions and provide insight into the different stages of love.

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How long does it take to love someone?

It’s very common to feel stars in your eyes rush of emotions and butterflies in your stomach at the start of the relationship, but what is the moment when you realize that you have fallen in love? When do things go from infatuation to being in love? You might have seen people saying that they have fallen in love even after meeting the person for a couple of weeks only, but some still cannot be sure if they are in love with each other or not.

Let’s find out how it varies from person to person to fall in love and how long it takes.

Variation of Gender:

Men and women being the opposite genders have somehow different characteristics, and this is what makes the relationship going on as “Opposite attracts the opposite.” However, you can’t predict the moment when and how you will fall in love. Still, factually, men take 88 days, and women take 134 days to tell someone that they have felt in love with you, but on average, there is the exact time to tell. It could take years for some people to fall in love, and some fell in love at first sight, so it’s quite unanswerable and unpredictable to tell.

The bottom line:

As mentioned above, it always varies from person to person to find out how long it takes to fall in love with someone. There is no magic stick to make the process fast and make someone fall for you. Still, surely there are plenty of ways to nurture a relationship so that feelings can be more easily expressed.

Train yourself:

It might take less time to fall in love with someone if you have already prepared for it. If you put in some effort and want to be in a love relationship with someone, then the only way to fall in love faster is to train yourself. The significant key to falling in love is providing personal information in an environment where you feel support, comfort, and trust. Usually, it comes naturally, and that’s great for you. Still, if it doesn’t, you need to prepare yourself for it because if you’re not ready in your head, your heart will also not allow you to accept. So preparing yourself for it is okay because it will be worth it.

Your age:

Age is one of the most significant factors when it comes to falling in love. Age can determine the time you need to fall in love with someone. This also shows how much mature you are because so many teenagers feel temporary feelings in their hearts, which displays that they are not that mature. Our age also plays an important role in how quickly we absorb or develop feelings with a new partner, which makes us stronger when we face all the hurdles of our love life. For example, practice makes a man perfect, but experience makes a man stronger.

Your mindset:

We are all different from others because many people have different thinking, choices, and habits. That’s why putting your choices or thinking on someone is impossible. Also, you can’t change someone else’s personality according to your choices because everyone has a different perspective. When you fall in love with someone, you only have to understand others feeling and prepare yourself to make many sacrifices just for the sake of love. The relationship becomes more challenging for those who are always trying to overthink every time.

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Be positive:

There is a chance to fall in love faster if you vibe positively. It makes sense that more positive people can easily talk to themselves without radiating negative energy, including feeling for someone. If you have a positive mindset, it will change your perspective on someone and also it would increase your love for your partner. There are several reasons to fall if you radiate positive vibes and look for someone in that way. There is a fact, if you have already positively prepared your mind, then you’re likely to notice your partner’s best qualities and fall in love rather than take these qualities or characteristics for granted. So try to look at the positive side of everything, which would reflect your positive mindset.

Be vulnerable:

Being vulnerable is the key to building a relationship connection. If you show your true self to someone and share everything openly with them, then there might be a high chance of falling in love with each other without taking the time. Vulnerability is the state where you hand over yourself in someone’s hands and allow them to see your authentic side. That is what the relationship and love require being true to each other.

Do not force:

In the matter of love, there is no enforcement. You cannot force somebody to fall in love with you, or even you cannot force yourself to fall in love with someone. Suppose the other person is not ready to get into a relationship or fall in love. In that case, ethically and morally, it’s not okay to put pressure on someone. One-sided love exists, and that is okay to feel those emotions and experience that state. If you let go and let the process work on its own, then it might be possible that the other person will fall in love with you.

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Build emotional connection:

If two souls are connected emotionally, there is a high probability of getting trapped in a relationship with each other. The emotional connection will make your bonding stronger and unique. It allows you to be comfortable and vulnerable in front of your partner. Also, it is very important to have a connection, and it’s beyond fun and attraction. By building an emotional connection, you can rely on your partner, have shared feelings of attachment and love, feel seen by one and another.

Deeper Conversations:

The deeper the conversation, the stronger the relationship will be. It is important to have conversations on a deeper level. You can connect on various levels if you talk deeply to each other. This point also connects to the points mentioned above; if you are emotionally connected, have deeper conversations, and share mutual respect and space, then you two could end up having a deepest and stronger relationship. This process does take time to fall for someone but worth it.

Being attracted and being in love are not mutually exclusive events:

The attraction could be the first step to falling in love with someone, but you cannot call that feeling being in love. It only takes 3 seconds to get attracted to someone, and it takes years to fall for that person. As mentioned above, age plays a significant role here; individuals between 15 and 35 are the speed daters. They get attracted easily and are actively present and ready to fall in love. The process of falling in love becomes faster if attraction plays its role initially. Undoubtedly, it is an intense feeling towards someone which builds a connection of soul, heart, and emotions between two individuals.


As discussed above, men usually get easily attracted to women; but they fall for exceptional ones. The feeling of being authentic to yourself is the only thing you need to groom and grow yourself, and if someone makes you feel that way and there is a high possibility that you will fall in love with that person. The man usually falls for a woman who makes him feel better about himself, which goes both ways. If there’s a will, then is power; if you both willingly support, comfort, and care for each other, then the chances to build the relationship become high. It takes little time to fall if both are willing to do so.

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Common interests:

Last but not least, common factors are the plus point in making someone fall for you in no time. If you guys share the same page and have common interests, then the probability of liking that individual becomes high. You need to explore things together, talk on a deeper level and be vulnerable. You cannot presume yourself to be in love without knowing each other’s real being. If both individuals share 80% of the common factor, then wait this is the moment you need to think about each other and prepare yourself to move a step forward and explore. It takes less than the average time to fall for someone having common factors.

It is important to know the fact that how does it take to fall in love, as it will make you sure about your feelings and your other half’s feelings as well. It is not a competition; it is a feeling. So, don’t rush yourself into it, and also, don’t feel pressured if it takes more time for you than anyone else. Things take time, and feeling in love is a very delicate process to handle; handle it with care.