103+ Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Cute questions to ask your boyfriend help you build closeness and connection in your relationship. When you want to spend quality time with your partner, here I’ve put together cutest questions to ask your boyfriend:

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Romantically Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

If you could describe me in three words, what would they be?

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Is there anything you dislike about me?

How do you think we are similar?

Does it make you smile when I send you a text message?

How do you think we are different?

What is your favorite pet name for me?

What does romance mean to you?

When did you fall in love with me?

What can I do to make you feel better after a bad day?

Do you think about me during the day?

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And how do you think we complement each other? Why do we work so well?

How would you describe the way I smell?

What is your idea of a perfect date?

When did you first realize you loved me?

What is your happiest memory?

What reminds you of me?

If you could describe our relationship in three words, what would they be?

What’s something I do (that I don’t realize I do) that you love?

What is the most romantic city in the world?

Do you remember the day of our first date?

What is the kindest thing you’ve ever done?

What kind of movie do you like us to watch together?

What are your top three favorite memories of us, and our relationship?

What was the first thing you noticed in me when you saw me for the first time?

Would you ever write a romantic love song for me?

What is the kindest thing someone else has done for you?

Do you think someone can be too much in love?

Think back to the time we first met. What do you love the most about it? (Re-live the experience by reminiscing together!)

What is a quirky thing about me that you love?

How would you spend time with me on a Sunday afternoon?

If I were to make you breakfast in bed, what would you want it to be?

Love is so powerful and cute things to tell to your boyfriend can help put how you feel into words.

Super Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Describe your dream house.

What was your first impression of me?

What’s one little quirk you love about me? Or something that I do, that makes you smile?

Would you ever write a song for me?

Would you still love me if I was a snail?

Would you ever risk your life in order to save mine?

If you’re sick, do you want someone to care for you, or do you prefer to be left alone?

If I was really sad, what would you do to cheer me up?

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What’s one thing you think no-one realizes about me?

Would you ever write a poem about me?

Would you ever go on a picnic date with me?

Do you believe some people are destined to be together?

Will you promise to fix my hair if it gets messed up by the wind?

Do I make you want a future with me?

What’s one thing only I (or very few people) know about you?

Would you take a break from your favorite hobby to spend time with me?

Whenever you are alone, do you ever think of me?

What is your favorite romantic place ever?

What stuffed animal did you sleep with as a kid? Do you still have it?

If I was scared, would you hold me?

What do you think is the best relationship advice we’ve ever been given? Or the best relationship advice you’ve heard?

Do you get butterflies when you read my notes?

Do you like it when I play with your hair?

Do you think we’re soulmates?

What is the cutest couple you’ve known?

Would you ever take me out on a picnic under the stars?

How have we learnt and grown? Both as individuals since being together, and together, as a team?

Would you give me a hug right now if I asked?

If you’re looking for the best way to express your feelings, sweet love words for boyfriend capture what’s so special about your deep and meaningful connection.

Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Make Him Smile

What are the 3 reasons you like/love me?

What’s one thing you’re proud of? Both about me and about us?

Have you ever had a dream about me?

Would you dance with me under the snow?

Do you believe that love can conquer anything?

What’s three things you’d love to do with me – you’d love us to do together?

What is your favorite dream that involved me?

What is the best part about going on dates with me?

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Are we both lovers and best friends?

What is your favorite memory of me so far?

Would you take me on a spa date if I am feeling very tense?

If we could spend our next weekend anywhere we want, where would it be?

If I looked completely different, would you still love me?

What’s your favorite date spot till now?

Do you think I’m cute?

Would you carry me into your arms if my feet hurt from walking?

Would you prepare a romantic dinner for me, and if so, what would it look like?

Do I look cute while working out?

Would you risk your life to save mine?

Do you like to look at me even when I feel ugly?

How do you show your love to someone you care about the most?

Love has no time limit or boundaries. Express your emotions through sweet good morning paragraphs for him and make him fall in love.

Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend While Texting

If I was a dessert, what would I be and why?

Do I make you happy?

Do you like seeing me in a sundress?

Do I make you want to reach your fullest potential?

Will you always kiss me on the forehead?

What did you think to yourself after our first fight?

Would you buy cotton candies for me?

What kind of future do you see between the two of us?

What is your favorite meal?

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Do you like to hold my hand?

Do you think I’m pretty?

Do you feel warm when we hug?

Do you think I look cute even when I’m a mess?

Do you like the way I walk?

Would you take me out to see a chick flick?

Do you think I look cute while I’m working out?

If we are watching a scary movie, can I cover my eyes and cuddle you close?

Would you take my hand to dance, even if nobody else was on the dance floor?

Would you take my hand to dance, even if nobody was on the dance floor?

What kind of flower would I be?

Would you give me a piggyback ride if my feet hurt?

What outfit of mine do you like the most?