99+ Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes – Heavenly Birthday Wishes

Heartwarming happy heavenly birthday wishes are profound way to remember your loved one on a very special day and show how much you miss. You can reminisce all the lovely times you have spent with those who passed away. Here are emotional happy birthday in heaven quotes to a deceased loved one and pray for their peaceful afterlife.

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Happy Birthday In Heaven Messages

Your wit, grace and kindness brought beauty into our lives that no one else can ever replace. We miss you every day, Grandma. May you have the most wonderful happy birthday in Heaven. I hope the angels are celebrating you in the best way you deserve!

As you celebrate your birthday in heaven, don’t forget that we miss you so much. All that you did, all you were, will live on in the hearts of those who love you, forever. Your spirit follows and watches over us, wherever we go and whatever we do.

This is a very special day and one that always touches my heart, for it would have been my father’s birthday today. I still feel lost without you as you always were my rock and my guiding light but even though you’re no longer with us, you’ll still always be my hero. Happy birthday and rest well, dad.

As we come to your resting place, it saddens us to think that you are no longer with us. We know that our lives will never be the same again without you. Yet, we know that you are happy wherever you are, and we will be together one day. Happy birthday in heaven, mom.

I will never let today become just another day. Because it will always be your special day. Happy birthday in Heaven. I hope you can feel the love I’m sending your way.

Today is your birthday in Heaven above. I am sending you blessings on the wings of a dove, not only for today, but every day hereof. I think of you always, my love! Happy birthday to you, my friend. I miss you every day.

Missing you always, but especially today on your special day. Happy heavenly birthday.

I hope you’re celebrating with your favorite cake and ice cream in Heaven today, Dad. Happy heavenly birthday, we miss you so much.

If tears could create a river to heaven, I’d float by to wish you a happy birthday.

There is not a single day; I didn’t miss you. But today, I miss you more. Happy heavenly birthday.

Whenever I look up at the stars, I take comfort in knowing that you’re up there shining bright. You were the best mom in the whole world. I wish we could celebrate this occasion together, but I know you are having a special day in eternal paradise.

The light you brought into my life still illuminates my path despite the fact that you are no longer with me. Such is how wonderful you were to my life. As you sit in heaven enjoying the company of God, I say thank you for all the immense happiness you brought into my heart during your brief stay here on earth.

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Not even heaven is far enough to make me forget your big birthday. Missing you on this special day.

Hello, do you know you are the reason why we can keep working so hard? Your smile simply chases away our exhaustion. We love you. Happy birthday in heaven.

Happy heavenly birthday. I don’t think you could ever know how much I miss you right now. I wish more than anything that we could be together again to celebrate your day. But I know we will again one day.

Despite the fact that my heart still aches for your sudden departure, the bright lights that you left in my life shall continue shining brighter and brighter each day. Wishing you a happy birthday in Heaven.

You’re not here, but I wish the best for you wherever you’re now. Have a wonderful birthday in heaven!

No better way to celebrate you than to let you know I’m doing the things to make you proud. Missing you so much.

I have cried so many times, but I know that all the tears in the world will never bring you back. As you celebrate your birthday in Heaven, I wish you everlasting peace and happiness. I miss you. Happy heavenly birthday.

We might be in different realms of life today, but I’m confident you are still looking out for me like you always did when you were here by my side. Never will there be anyone as wonderful as you in my life. Happy heavenly birthday.

Although you aren’t here to celebrate it with me, I know that you’re getting a birthday serenade from the angels. Sending my best to you and your family today. Happy heavenly birthday.

A child like you holds so many wonders. You are a loving son, and we are so lucky to have you. I look forward to seeing you achieve major milestones each year. Happy heavenly birthday.

It’s your birthday, but it doesn’t feel like it without you here. It doesn’t matter; I’m going to celebrate it like you are here because I know that’s what you would have wanted. I love and miss you every single day. Happy heavenly birthday.

Heaven is lucky to have an amazing person like you. Wishing you a happy birthday in paradise!

My birthday gift to you this year is of tears of happiness in remembrance of all the birthdays we shared as mother and child before you flew away. Loving you today and always and on earth as it is in heaven.

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Today, I remember and celebrate the remarkable life of the most incredible friend, mentor, idol and father. We were not just my dad, but my best friend too. Happy birthday, Dad. You are my eternal hero.

We were not together for long, but the times spent with you left an indelible mark of true love on the walls of my heart. Wishing you nothing but total bliss as you celebrate your birthday in heaven!

Many birthday greetings from all those you left behind on earth. We love and miss you dearly, my friend.

I know you’re in Heaven and that your birthday there must be way better than any party I could have thrown for you here. And maybe I’m being selfish when I say that I wish you were still here anyway. Happy heavenly birthday.

The sweetest memories of all the birthdays we shared together is what I’ll think about today. I hope you’re doing the same and enjoying today with all of heaven’s other angels. Happy heavenly birthday.

Happy birthday in heaven. Enjoy your birthday with God and angels. Missing you too much.

I am sending all my love and prayers to you today, on what would have been his birthday. Happy heavenly birthday! You are the brightest star in the sky, and I know you are always with me.

I can never forget the all priceless happy moments that you blessed me within your lifetime. Your memories will always be with me as long as I live. Happy Birthday in heaven!

Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes

I know we can’t celebrate today like we have in years past. But I hope you know that I still try. Happy heavenly birthday.

Someone in heaven has a special day being remembered on earth today. A very beautiful heavenly birthday.

Maybe God loves and admires you more that’s why he took you back earlier. I miss you so much, Happy Birthday in heaven.

I hope you are having the best birthday celebration in heaven. The earth is already agog and ready to rejoice with you in our little way.

Treasured memories on your birthday, Brother: I thought of you today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and will tomorrow too. I think of you in silence and make no outward show. For what it meant to lose you, only those you loved you know. Remembering you is easy, I do it every day. It’s just the heartache of losing you that will never go away. Happy birthday to you, my beloved brother.

I never get to tell you how grateful I was that out of all the people you are my dad. I love you so much. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made. Happy Birthday in heaven.

I never thought that this day would come, at least not so soon. The day I couldn’t wish you Happy Birthday to your face. So I’m sending you my best wishes straight from my heart and right up to Heaven.

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Wishing you the happiest birthday in heaven from your child that loves you so much from below. May your day be serene and all your worries at ease. Happy heavenly birthday.

I know you’re watching me from over the sky. I want you to know that you are very much alive in my heart and I’ll never let your memories be faded away. Happy heavenly birthday.

Happy Birthday in Heaven! You were amazing in life, and I’m sure you are still amazing in the afterlife.

Happy birthday in Heaven. Always in my heart and forever by my side. I miss you every day. May you rest in eternal paradise.

I miss you and cherish the lovely birthdays we shared. Until we meet again, I’ll wrap my arms around this day each year and send all my adoration straight above. Happy heavenly birthday.

We can’t go out celebrating today like we used to. But I wanted you to know that I’m still going out – still going to stop by all our old haunts, still going to buy you a birthday gift, still going to raise a glass in your memory. Even in the midst of sorrow, I still love you, dearest one. Happy birthday in Heaven.

Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing people. I hope you are resting peacefully. Have a grand Birthday in heaven.

Lasting memories of your loving ways and tender kindness carry me through the days without you. It’s why, even though you aren’t here, I can smile on my mother’s birthday knowing she’s making heaven an even more joyous place to be.

Today is going to be filled with the beautiful emotions you left behind. Happy Birthday in God’s bosom.

I know that Heaven needed more angels, which is why they called you there. I just wish the departure was delayed a bit longer. I miss you every day, but especially today, on your Heavenly birthday. I know we will meet again in Eternity. I love you so much. Happy heavenly birthday.

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Your heavenly birthday hall must be a beautiful sight to behold, daddy. You deserve it all after being such a gift to your family. Missing and loving you everyday, especially today.

I used to think that this day would get easier every year that went by. But quite the opposite has happened. Happy heavenly birthday. I can’t wait for the day we can truly celebrate you again.

It has never been the same since you’ve gone. Sending my warm wishes to you on your birthday!

Life here on earth is tough without you my friend, but when I think of the good days, I spent with you, it makes me smile every time. Happy Birthday to my friend in heaven!

Heaven will help you celebrate your birthday in style; my prayers for you to be happy wherever you are.

The light that you brought into my life still illuminates every step I take, even though you are no longer here with me. You were such a wonderful presence in my life. As you sit in Heaven looking down on me, I want to thank you for all the happiness you brought me while you were here on earth. Happy heavenly birthday. I miss you every day.

My beloved dad, we are celebrating the day you were born even though you’re so far away. I miss you daily, but even more on the day your life was given.

No matter how old I get, your special day will always be the most special day of the year to me. And I will always celebrate it and you. Happiest of birthdays.

You were the greatest gift that I ever received from God. Today, I miss you a lot, but I feel your presence in my heart every day. You’re safe in here forever! Happy heavenly birthday.

Your early departure shocked me so much that I couldn’t believe it for days. But now I know the truth. You were invited by God to be his special guest in heaven. Happy heavenly birthday.

You will always live in my heart because this is where I stored all the extraordinary moments of my life, and because, you were the one who gave me all those moments. Happy Birthday in heaven.

I envy angels for having you right now and listening to your funny jokes. Keep your smile as heaven loves it. Happy heavenly birthday.

Looking back on photos of you when you were younger, I find myself wishing that I could go back in time and meet you when you were my age. I just know we would have been the best of friends! I hope the angels in Heaven are celebrating your birthday with you as much as we are on earth. Happy heavenly birthday, Grandma! We miss you every day.

It was only a matter of time before heaven reclaimed such a treasure as you, my dear. May your heavenly birthday be rich with pure serenity.

You were my best friend and I could never let your special day pass without wishing you happy birthday. I miss you so much, bestie.

I miss your sweet presence around me all the time. But I know I can’t bring you back anymore. I wish you a great day in heaven filled with smiles and joy. Happy heavenly birthday.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Wishes

We may be living in two different worlds today but my dear brother, our memories are eternal and omnipresent in both worlds. Happy Heavenly Birthday!

May God’s peace keeps you and guides you through the streets of heaven. I wish you a wonderful birthday in heaven, dear.

Grandma, you were always able to simplify any problem I ever had. No matter what happened, you were always there to love and support me. Even though I cannot turn to you for hugs anymore, I still feel protected by you from above. Happy birthday, Grandma. I miss you every day.

So many things I had yet to buy and say for your special day. For now, I’ll just look upon a shooting star to bring my birthday wishes and love straight to heaven’s door.

Happy birthday, Darling. I hope heaven realizes what a treasure you are. You were certainly mine while you were here with me.

Each memory of you is so alive that it never feels like you’re not here. Happy birthday in heaven!

We all miss you each and every day, but especially today. I know that wherever you are, you’re having a great birthday and watching over us. Today, we celebrate your life.

I feel your soul happy, so I wish angels have thrown a big party for you. Happy Heavenly Birthday!

Whether near or far, my father’s birthday will always be a day of thankfulness. Thank you for being my everything, and I hope your celestial birthday is as bright and beautiful as you made life for me.

Dear, I just wanted to let you know on your Birthday that I miss you and life is pretty boring without you around. Have a wild party in heaven.

You are still a big part of my life, if only in spirit. It is not easy now that you’re gone. Every night, I say a prayer for you. I miss you. True friends are hard to find and I am sad that we cannot celebrate your birthday together. Happy birthday to you. I still treasure every memory we shared.

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You left a beautiful memory on the mind of everyone who knew you. Have a fantastic birthday in heaven, dear.

You passed, but I will never forget your birthday and how angelic you were and still are. Happy heavenly birthday.

I want you to know that even though you are no longer here, I think about you every single day. There are just so many lessons that you taught me and that I always reflect on. I miss your smile; I miss your laughter and I miss your amazing sense of humor. Heaven is lucky to have an angel as funny as you are. Happy birthday, my sweet friend! I wish you were here, and I miss you every day.

I could have bought you a gift on your birthday, mom, but I’m not sure if I can be fine every time I see it. I just hope you smile wherever you are.

Although you’re in heaven now, I feel your spirit with me on my important days. So, on this important day – your birthday, I hope you, too, can feel all my love for you.

A part of me is not here anymore. I missed you, mom, and missed everything of yours. Happy Birthday to you in heaven!

I never felt alone because you were always there for me. Even though you are no longer here with me, your strength and grace still see me through the most difficult situations. Thank you for everything you ever did for me. Wishing you an amazingly happy birthday.

Trying not to think of what we would be doing right now. I just hope you have an amazing birthday in heaven.

Though you are not here with me, I know you will always guide me and be with me through thick and thin. Happy Birthday in heaven. I hope you are having a good time there.

I know that Heaven needed more angels, which is why they called you there. And I just wish the departure was delayed a bit longer. We miss you every day, but especially today, on your Heavenly birthday. I know we will meet again in Eternity. Most of all, I love you so much. Happy birthday, my sweet sister!

To my departed wife, the day we married, my life changed for the better. The day you left, it changed for the worse. I miss you every day with my whole heart. Happy birthday, angel.

Not even distance make me forget about your birthday. Wishing you a happy birthday in heaven.

I miss you more as each day comes by, moments with you feel endless and the memories of you I will cherish forever. Happy birthday my dear wife.

I tried everything to forget that you are no longer here, but it seems impossible. I miss you. Have an awesome birthday in paradise.

On this birthday, we can’t send you gifts so, I’m sending my blessings to you. Wishing you a cheerful birthday!

We’d promised we wouldn’t leave each other, yet I watched you leave. It’s another year without your smile. I wish you were here. Happy birthday in heaven, my queen.

The world lost one of its best but the heavens gained an angel. Wishing you a happy birthday wherever you are.

Happy heavenly birthday wishes to you dear, (Name). May you rest in peace there and have a birthday celebration in God’s company.

I cry whenever I remember that you are gone but your birthday brings so much joy. Happy Heavenly Birthday, I miss you so much.

Though you’re not here we still wanted to celebrate your birthday and remember all the good times. We miss you dearly.

I never stopped missing you for once in my life. Today, I am missing you even more because it’s your Birthday and you’re not with me. I wish you a cheerful Birthday in heaven!

I find peace looking up at the sky on this special day of yours because I know you are among the stars, shining your light forever. Happy Birthday mom.