Committed Relationship: Signs You Have One

We all yearn for commitment in our relationships. Yet, we may need to identify it when our partner begins to put up the necessary work to commit.

Suppose you ever wondered whether you are doing it right with your partner. In that case, you are at that stage where you’re looking to understand if you two have a total commitment in your relationship.

Or maybe you are wondering where the relationship is headed; is it going to be happy ever after, or is it led to the dustbin? You wish to understand the hazy signs that need clarification.

A committed relationship is a bond of trust and partnership between two people that transcends basic human connections. It’s often thought of as the ultimate goal in a relationship, when two people decide to join forces and make a go of things together. Whether you are in the early stages of courtship or have been together for years, knowing the signs of a committed relationship can help you solidify your bond and keep the love alive.

Here you can find valuable signs of a committed relationship in this article.

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Signs of a Committed Relationship

If you are looking for a committed relationship, there are a few signs to look for that can help you determine if your partner is in it for the long haul. A committed relationship is one that is filled with trust, intimacy, support, and communication — all necessary components of a healthy and happy relationship. So, what are the signs of a committed relationship and how can you tell if your partner is serious about the relationship? Read on to find out.

How much time you share

Since work and other troubling aspects of life may steal our precious time, it is expected that couples in a serious relationship share most of their spare time.

Time is the most valuable gift your partner expects from you. Spending quality time together is the fastest way to show commitment to your spouse, which will, in turn, strengthen your relationship.

Partners that crave constant attention are open and committed to building a lasting relationship. It means they respect and value each other and what they share.

Committing time to a relationship is like building tolerance because the more the spouse stays together, the more they learn and work on their differences, the more they learn to tolerate, and the more they grow in love and intimacy.

Relationships that lack time commitment, as in situations where one of the spouses has to hang on alone for weeks or months, tend to crumble faster in the face of little provocation than the ones that have endured together, tolerated each other, and thrived together.

Planning the future together

Planning the future sometimes brings disagreement between lovers as it may involve making difficult decisions. Still, it is a significant way of showing commitment in a relationship.

Even without serious thought, you find yourselves discussing your future, where you want to raise children, where you want to build your home, your vacation, and so on.

It is not enough for a couple to talk about everything but the future of their relationship. As scary as the topic may seem, committed couples talk about everything there is to talk about, including the future of their relationship.

Suppose you are already discussing what the future may hold for you two. In that case, your relationship is healthier than you might think. But suppose your significant other quashes the idea every time you raise the issue of planning for the future. In that case, you two may need a serious talk.


Healthy communication in a relationship is a sign of commitment. And communicating properly means that the couple must talk and listen to each other.

Don’t, as a result of malice, presume that your partner will see the signs and understand. They may not. In fact, most of the time, you need verbal communication when you quarrel.

Verbal communication is a healthy way of resolving conflict. Talk to your partner about how you feel and why you feel that way, then listen to what they say.

The pattern is to talk, then listen, talk again, and so on. Don’t just keep talking.

It is important that your voice is heard, but it is even more important that you listen to what your partner has to say. That is how you learn and improve.

Sometimes when you judge and conclude from your point of view, you become blind to a different perspective, but once you two get talking, you will see how mistaken you were.

And even if you were right, you would give peace a chance. Your partner will get to apologize, and in turn, you save your relationship.

Whatever you do, communication is an essential aspect of a dedicated relationship, don’t starve your relationship of healthy communication if you don’t want to lose it.

You make sacrifices

Sacrificing, big or small, is not easy to offer. It goes with pain most of the time, yet sacrifices will flow naturally if you love your partner.

Sacrificing involves sharing or offering the things you value. It may be your time, money, or any other thing you cherish.

And when your partner offers up something of value, they are committed to the relationship.

No relationship thrives without sacrifice. Therefore, the couple must be ever willing to aid each other in times of need.

Studies have shown that people who value their privacy more than their partners are less likely to commit to the relationship.

Being open

Being open to your partner helps you to understand and accept them. And it forms the basis of dedication in your relationship.

Couples that are open to each other scale every hurdle.

Openness secures the relationship and helps the lovers bond together.

Gift Giving

Gifting your partner creates a positive psychological impression on them. It arouses their emotions and makes them feel important and appreciated.

In short, gifting is the most practical way of saying I love you to your spouse.

The giver, as well as the receiver, feels good and happy. And it helps them to boost their romantic life.

Gift-giving can heal an ailing relationship and stop the couple from proceeding with divorce as it rekindles the fighting spirits of the couple.

It would help if you did not wait till special occasions to get a gift for your partner.

It’s okay to make an unscheduled purchase for them, like you get to a supermarket and see what they might like, and you decide to get it as a surprise for them.

Gifting works magic and keeps the partners committed.


Committed couples must be willing to compromise when necessary.

They may sometimes have different approaches to issues or disagree some other times. Still, if they are committed, they must be ready to put in the work and effort needed to reach a compromise.

A committed relationship is just teamwork; you don’t have to be right all the time. Suppose you win every time or bend your partner to always come through your will. In that case, you are not sincerely committed to the relationship.

The compromise must be balanced but must have a middle ground.

Vacation together

Planning and going on vacations together is expected of every committed relationship. Vacation allows couples to be together away from work and other distractions.

Couples having problems in their relationship may need the trip together more than others, as it will give them the opportunity to talk and get intimate again.

Couples that hardly have time for each other due to work may also benefit from vacation as being together again will promote communication, boost romance, and get them to commit.

Embrace their flaws

Commitment is recognizing that your partner may not be perfect and taking them or loving them the way they are.

When you commit to your relationship, you will accept your partner’s weakness and even try to shield them from the judgmental eyes of the public.

And yes, you shouldn’t accept things from your partner that go overboard, like nasty habits, but you can always work with them to help them get better.

To attain a committed relationship, you two must be ready to go out of your way to accommodate some things you won’t ordinarily tolerate and even try not to make it public knowledge.

Confide in them

Trust is a big issue; you have something serious if your partner trusts you enough to confide in you.

Your partner would open up about their fears, secrets, and weaknesses if they believe they have found peace in you and can trust you.

It means that they trust you to protect their interest. Should their secret be exposed and their image is tarnished? So, if your partner confides in you, they trust you and are committed to you.

If you think about it, you can’t really tell certain things to people you don’t want to see around you in the future. So you would naturally feel insured.

Even if your partner only told you those things to seek advice from you, the fact that they want advice from you means they are committed to you.

Signs That You Two Are In A Committed Relationship

While every couple is different, here is a little checklist to see if your relationship has any of the following characteristics.

The signs of real commitment in a relationship:

  • You Talk About Your Relationship’s Hopes and Expectations
  • Supporting Each Other During Tough Times
  • You are open and honest with each other
  • You Spend Significant Time Together
  • You Make Plans for the Future
  • You Include Each Other in Your Regular Purchases
  • They factor into all your major decisions
  • Sharing Secrets
  • You Both Put in Effort
  • You Go Out of Your Way for One Another
  • You can work through your problems
  • Your partner is there when you need them
  • You Make Decisions Based on the Other Person’s Situation
  • You Know How to Support Each Other
  • You See a Future Together


A committed relationship is a work.

Ask yourself sincere questions and provide genuine answers to them. For example, are you willing to commit the time? Do you have plans to spend the future together? Is your communication good enough?

How much sacrifice can you make, and how open are you?

Do you remember your spouse when you make purchases also to get something for them? Are you willing to compromise a little? What about going on vacations together?

Do you confide in each other? Do you shield each other?

These and many more are signs of a committed relationship.

What experiences have you had? Are you in a committed relationship? Please share your thoughts.

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