21+ Speedy Recovery Prayers That’ll Bring Strength

Speedy recovery prayers can bring comfort, healing, faith, hope and lots of smiles to those in need. Healing prayers for fast recovery can make yourself or someone you love feel better in times of emotional, mental, or physical hardship.

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Healing Prayers for Speedy Recovery

Divine Physician

Dear Jesus, divine physician and healer of the sick, we turn to you in this time of illness. Oh dearest comforter of the troubled, alleviate our worry and sorrow with your gentle love, and grant us the grace and strength to accept this burden. Dear God, we place our worries in your hands. We place our sick under your care and humbly ask that you restore your servant to health again. Above all, grant us the grace to acknowledge your will and know that whatever you do, you do for the love of us. Amen.

St. Padre Pio Prayer

Loving Father, touch me now with your healing hands, for I believe that your will is for me to be well in mind, body, soul and spirit. Cover me with the most precious blood of your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.

Prayer for Speedy Recovery From Illness

Living Lord, Your love has held me and kept me through this suffering. Now may your hope and healing lead me quickly to a place of restoration. O Lord the oil of your healing flows through me like a living stream. I choose to bathe in these clear waters each day. I will keep my eyes on you, and trust in you that I will fully recover. I give you all that I am, and rest in your peace. I hold tightly to your promises. They are like a spring that overflows with goodness. I wait on you. Amen.

Patience in Sickness

Lord Jesus Christ, by your patience in suffering you hallowed earthly pain and gave us the example of obedience to your Father’s will. Be near me in my time of weakness and pain; sustain me by your grace, that my strength and courage may not fail; heal me according to your will; and help me always to believe that what happens to me here is of little account if you hold me in eternal life, my Lord and my God. Amen.

Healing Prayer For When You’re Sick

Dear God, Thank you for all you’ve done for me, and your goodness in my life. Please heal me of this illness. Help me to rest well and as I do, accelerate my healing so I can get back to full strength and energy soon. Please flood me with your life and restore me. Amen

Prayer for Self-Care

Lord, lift me up for Your blessings today. I pray that you will anoint me with strength and self care today, tomorrow, and always. I pray that You will grace me with patience and wisdom. I pray that You will encourage me throughout the day to take the correct steps to walk proudly, and behave well. I pray all of these things in Your name. Amen.

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In the Hands of God

More than ever I find myself in the hands of God.
This is what I have wanted all my life from my youth.

But now there is a difference;
the initiative is entirely with God.

It is indeed a profound spiritual experience
to know and feel myself so totally in God’s hands.

Pedro Arrupe, S.J.

Healing a Broken Heart

Lord, please heal my broken heart. Fill me with the peace and joy I know can only come from You during this hard time. Walk closely beside me during my journey to healing and recovery that I know is possible through Your power alone. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

I Believe

Dear God, I know that the first step in all spiritual healing is to believe. I believe! I open my mind and heart believing in your infinite power and possibility. I believe that healing is a dynamic and reachable experience, a reality that can be experienced right now. I maintain a patient and loving attitude, for I believe that your healing activity is now at work in my mind and body. I look forward, with joyful expectation, to the perfect wholeness that you are now bringing into manifestation through me. I believe in your constant expression of perfect good in and through me. I rest in the certainty of your healing power. I know that with you all things are possible. In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

Prayer for a Speedy Recovery

Lord, heal their body and provide nourishment for their soul. I pray that their medical procedure goes very well, and that their body will heal quickly and efficiently. Give them rest and restoration as they recuperate and look to you for healing and protection. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Restore My Strength

Holy Spirit, drive away from me all forms of sickness and disease.
restore strength to my body and joy to my spirit,
so that in my renewed health,
I may bless and serve you,
now and forevermore.

Prayer for Mental Healing

Jesus, I know that when you walked on the earth, you trod upon hard places, you felt the strain of this world and the pressures of mental torment. So I ask that you would come besides me now, lead me through this time where my mind cannot cope. Help me to find peace and calming inner thoughts. You hold me safe Lord, I trust in you. Amen.

Healing Prayer of Surrender

Dear Lord, it is my will to surrender to you everything that I am and everything that I’m striving to be. I open the deepest recesses of my heart and invite Your Holy Spirit to dwell inside of me. I offer you my life, heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit. I surrender to you my past, present, and future problems. I ask You to take hold over every aspect of my life. I surrender to You all my hurt, pain, worry, doubt, fear, and anxiety, and I ask You to wash me clean. I release everything into Your compassionate care.

Please speak to me clearly, Lord. Open my ears to hear Your voice. Open my heart to commune with You more deeply. I want to feel Your loving embrace. Open the doors that need to be opened and close the doors that need to be closed. Please set my feet upon the straight and narrow road that leads to everlasting life. Amen.

From Bad Comes Good

Heavenly Father, it hurts so bad. Dull the pain with Your love. Blur the sharp edges by reminding me that from bad comes good. Help me appreciate that after the sorrow, joy is sweeter. I look forward to better times. I can endure anything with You by my side. Amen.

Prayer For A Fast Recovery From An Operation

Dear Lord, Thank you that you bless the medical services with great skills and wisdom. Thank you that the operation went successfully, Lord please now bless each step of the recovery process. Protect the wounds from infection, heal and restore damaged or bruised areas and bring peace, rest and sound sleep. May your hand be upon him/her as he/she recuperates. Amen.

Restoration and Trust

Lord of Heaven, I rest underneath your mighty wings of love. I dwell within your gentle heart. I know there is healing in your touch. Through the sufferings of Christ I can ask for restoration And trust in your goodness. You are my Lord, my Savior, My healer and my friend. I dwell within your gentle embrace. Amen.

Prayer for the Sick

May you be wrapped up in God’s love. Found deep in his everlasting wings. Carried and kept, safe and cherished. May the healing power of Christ breathe across your being now. Amen.

Broken Hearted Prayer

Heavenly Father, there is a pain implanted in my heart that doesn’t seem to go away. It has crushed me, it aches, I can no longer bear it. This pain of the past consumes my thoughts daily. It hurts so much, Father, these tears that fall long to see joy once again. Give me peace in my heart, please, I’m crying out to you: Hear my prayer. Amen.

Healing Verse

Heal me, LORD, and I’ll be healed. Save me and I’ll be saved, for you are my heart’s desire. Jeremiah 17:14

Mercy Verse

Have mercy on me, Lord, because I’m frail. Heal me, Lord, because my bones are shaking in terror! Psalm 6:2

Salvation Verse

Lord, show us favor; we hope in you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in times of distress. Isaiah 33:2

Speedy Recovery Prayer Messages

God can do anything, and recovering from this illness is certainly not an exception. I pray that the Lord would have mercy on you and will cure you of all your illnesses and diseases. Get well soon.

Lord, have mercy on my family members, and grant them healing today. Give them relief from their pain, and restore them to full health. Amen.

Nothing is impossible for God, and healing you from this sickness is definitely no exception.

I just want to let you know that God is always with you. I pray that He gives you more strength and health so that you get well soon.

Lord, I call to you on behalf of my loved ones today. Give them healing in their bodies today, and restore their hope and joy. Amen.

May the Lord have compassion on you today and heal you of every sickness and disease. Get well soon, dear.

Praying for your fast recovery. May God strengthens your heart to fight this illness. Take care.

Lord, thank you for forgiving our sins. Heal the disease that is causing my loved one pain and discomfort. Grant them love and compassion as they trust in you today. Amen.

Hope is the best medicine, and I’m here to give you just that. Get well soon.

God says that if we ask something in His name, He will grant it to us, so I have faith that He will grant my request and heal you. Don’t be disheartened and keep faith in Him.

I hope something magical happens, and all your sickness just vanishes. Have faith in God. The day you are fully recovered is near.

Have faith in God. He cares and hears our prayers. I am praying for your health!

I know how tough it is to go through such sickness, but I also know how strong you are! So, stay hopeful and feel better soon.

Wish you good health, prosperity, and happiness. May God grant you a speedy recovery from your recent operation and many years of excellent health.

I believe in your willpower, and it is definitely for illness to lose in front of your beauty and strength. Get well soon, beautiful.

I heard heartfelt prayers and sincere thoughts have the power to recover a patient. So, we are sending a bunch of them on your way today. Feel better soon!

Sickness may make life seem gloomy like a dark night sky. But never forget that you are the star that lights up my life’s skies.

May the Almighty grant you patience and strength to go through this trying time. Get well soon!

May the peace and comfort from God surround you during your time of recovery. Get Well Soon.

I pray that may you heal from your sickness and recover by the power of God’s unconditional love and blessing. Get well very soon!

You have all it takes to fight this sickness, dear, you are the strongest person I know. Please get well quickly, I miss you so much.