108+ Best Proud Of You Quotes

Inspirational proud of you quotes help you celebrate their accomplishments and tell them how you feel.

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Famous Proud of You Quotes

I’m so proud of you that it makes me proud of me. I hope you know that. John Green

Be proud of yourself when you do keep going! Lindsey Vonn

If you do something awesome, you should be proud of yourself. Damon Lindelof

Life hasn’t always been kind to us, but you were always my pillar of strength. For that, I salute you for being so strong through it all. I’m proud of you, and I hope that you will find your own happiness one day.

I am very proud of you no matter whatever you do in your life. Just know that I will always keep supporting you till the last breath of my life.

It takes strength to be proud of yourself and to accept yourself when you know that you have something out of the ordinary about you. Abigail Tarttelin

Don’t use expensive clothes as a screen for your personal doubts. Be proud of yourself. Karl Lagerfeld

Your hardships will always make you stronger; I am proud of you.

In life there are ups and downs, it is not always that one succeeds. I am proud of you that you have made it this far.

Your achievement fills my heart will pride and joy. I am really proud of you.

famous proud of you quotes

Be proud of yourself. Be proud that your heart and intentions are good. Be proud of the fact that you are trying. Richelle E. Goodrich

Success is a process for all of us, and as long as you are making consistent progress towards your goals – sincerely giving your best effort more often than not – then you are already successful and deserve to feel proud of yourself. Hal Elrod

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

I am so proud of you. I want you to know no matter what you do in life, I will always be here for you. Wish you the best in life.

If you can look in your mother’s eyes and she’s proud of you, then you’re a champion. George Foreman

It is not easy to be where you are. You have come a long way and we are very proud of you.

Be proud of your scars. They remind you that you have the will to live.  Paulo Coelho

The entire world may be against you, but don’t listen to what they say. Keep on doing your best, the sky is the limit. I am proud of you.

Every single day you make me feel proud of you with your kindness and hard work. Keep on doing your best in life. It is a blessing to have you in my life.

You don’t have to be famous. You just have to make your mother and father proud of you.  Meryl Streep

empowering proud of you quotes

Even before you start the race, you have won. I know you have been practicing for this day. I am so proud of you.

They may never say it, but your parents really are proud of you when you follow your heart and chase your dreams. Robert Cheeke

Working with you was such an amazing experience for me. I am so proud of you.

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Positive Proud of You Quotes

You are nearly there, said James. Very close. We are so proud of you. J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Your foundation is built on a solid rock; you have proved that nothing can shake you. We are all proud of you.

Be proud of your choices, not your gifts.  Jeff Bezos

You are the most hardworking and principled person that I have ever met. You never give up on anything that you have set your mind to. I am so proud to have you in my life.

When people are proud of their speech, be proud of your silence.  Luqman

Your determination and strength are admirable. You have chosen to shine and never give up despite the challenges that you have faced in life. I am so proud of you.

positive proud of you quotes

I want you to know something. And I’m not saying this as your boyfriend or even as your friend. I’m saying this because it needs to be said by someone. I’m so proud of you.  Colleen Hoover

I am not surprised by your excellent performance but I am proud of you for completing that extremely challenging task.

Being interesting isn’t important. But being happy is. As well as being a person you’re proud of  Holly Bourne

You are the reason why the word proud exists. You have always come out the best in everything you do. Proud of you!

Henry closed his eyes and felt a little proud that she could love him. Anna Godbersen

Life sometimes can be difficult but I am glad things are working out for you. You have finally landed on your dream job. I am proud of you my love.

proud of you quotes

Ave atque vale, Shadowhunter, Magnus whispered. ‘Your angel would be proud Cassandra Clare

I am the proudest girl in the whole world. Your hard work has finally paid off. I love you, my dear boyfriend!

Don’t hide yourself. Stand up, keep your head high and show them what you got! Joe Mari Fadrigalan

The way you treat me is all I ever want in life. I am really thankful to have you as my boyfriend. I am proud of you, sweetheart.

I’m prouder of him than I’ve ever been of myself. I’m proud of him for standing up to me. Marie Lu, Champion

best proud of you quotes

My love, I want you to know that I will forever be beside you no matter where life takes us. I am deeply proud of you.

You have been given all the good things one must have, be proud of yourself and enjoy your gifts. M.F. Moonzajer

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Couldn’t Be More Proud Of You Quotes

Sweetheart, I may not be able to express myself, but I want you to know you are my world and I am so proud of you.

Seeing you achieve all that you were working for makes me feel so happy and grateful to have you in my life. I am so proud of you, my love.

If a man is proud of you in public, he will always be proud of you. M.F. Moonzajer

I am at a loss for words; I can say I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are my dream come true and always proud of you.

Our struggles make us the man or woman we can be proud of!  Avi Jeet Das

My love, this is just a reminder that you are the most special person in my life. I will forever love you and I am proud of you.

proud of you quotes

There will be always some extraordinary people in our lives with whom we are proud to be living in the same époque with them! Mehmet Murat İldan

The moment you came into this world you brought so much joy into our hearts. You are the best thing that ever happened in our lives and I am so proud of what you have become. I love you, my daughter.

Living a short life as a proud person is more worthwhile than living a whole century as a chameleon. Eraldo Banovac

Raising such a daughter has been an amazing experience. I am so proud of you, daughter.

proud of you quotes

Someday you will look back at your struggling days and feel proud of what you have achieved.  Avi Jeet Das

You are a blessing to our life. Not a single day have you ever disappointed us. We are proud of you, daughter.

If everything was in your favor, then you have nothing to be proud of. But if you feel that you have special difficulties, then you must indeed be proud of your achievement. Eleanor Roosevelt

Since you were a child, you have been a hardworking girl. I am so proud to have you as my daughter. I love you.

Of course you want your son, your children, to be proud of you. Charlize Theron

Dear son, you are a blessing to my heart. I am already proud of you, no matter what happens in life I will still love and support you.

motivating proud of you quotes

Your best champion and cheerleader is yourself. Always be proud of your accomplishments, big or small. Ayanna Howard

Dear son, never think that you are alone in this world. We are always there for you. Whenever you need us we will be there for you. We love you and are so proud of you.

I’m proud of you for the times you came in second, or third or  you did was the best you have ever done. Fred Rogers

Dear son, follow your dreams. We are proud of you in many ways and we love you so much.

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Beautiful Be Proud Of Yourself Quotes

Be proud of your place in the cosmos. It is small, and yet, it is. Cecil Palmer

The future is so bright for you my dear son. So far you have achieved so much and we are proud of you. Continue doing what you love best and we will always be there to support you.

Be proud of yourself. Try to eat well and when you cheat, enjoy it! Diane von Furstenberg

Thank you sweetheart for doing things that make me feel proud. You are all I need in life.

Be proud of your valiant day to day struggle. There is no shame in needing support.  Jared Padalecki

You are doing an amazing job with the kids. Be proud of yourself.

Having a child on the way changes your perspective. You want to do things that will make them proud of you.  Holly Madison

beautiful proud of you quotes

Throughout the year you have been calm and managed to overcome the challenges in life. You are a shining example to many people. I am proud of you.

There has never been a day when I have not been proud of you, I said to my Son though some days I’m louder about other stuff so it’s easy to miss that. Brian Andreas

Thank you for being the reason why I am this jovial. You are a treasure to my heart and I am so proud of you.

I had the most reversed education possible. Every parent wants their son to be a businessman. Respecting  me, it was the opposite. When I had an artist career my mum was like, ‘Oh finally, I’m proud of you! David Guetta

No one makes me feel the way you do, you are the queen of my heart and I am so proud of you. I love you, sweetheart.

My mother fought hard for civil rights so that instead of a mop, I could hold this microphone. And while she may be proud of me tonight, I’ve got to tell you, Mom, I’m even more proud of you. Thank you, Mom. Julian Castro

What you have done for me is more than I ever imagined. You are where I want to be forever. I am so proud of you, my love.

Make your family proud and don’t forget those who helped you get there. Saz İso Lucas

I’m so proud of you my sweetheart. From the moment I met you, you have been the sweetest thing in my life.

I’m very proud of what my parents achieved and what they stood for. They didn’t have much, but in many ways they were richer the most. John Major

inspiring proud of you quotes

Thank you friend for all that you do for me. You are such an amazing friend and I am so proud of you.

I’m very proud of the way I was raised. I’m very proud of the way my parents raised me. Nikki Hasley

Finally, your prayers have been answered. This is what you always dreamed of in life. I am so proud of you my friend.

Your families are extremely proud of you. You can’t imagine the sense of relief they’re experiencing. Gary Bolding

The results are just amazing; you have done a recommendable job. I am so proud of you my dear friend.

I’m most proud of my family. Muhammad Ali

I am really proud of you. You have been such an amazing sister; you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Mama sewed the rags together, sewing every piece with love. She made my coat of many colors that I was proud of. Dolly Parton

At your age, you are really going places. I am proud of you sister. May you have no limit in whatever you do!

I’m proud of you, not for surviving, but for living the life that you live despite those difficult times. Denise Foster

You are an intelligent lady; no one can stop you from achieving your dreams. You do not fear to fail and that is why I am always proud of you.

My family is just embarrassingly proud of me.  Kristen Stewart

You are my mentor and inspiration. You always challenge me in so many ways. I am so proud of you brother.

I think I’m most proud of my family into that then I’ve ever been. Merle Haggard

inspirational proud of you quotes

There is nothing that makes me more proud than knowing you are my brother. I love you and I am proud of you.

Make your parents proud, your enemies jealous & yourself happy.  Abel Tesfaye

You have achieved more than you had ever imagined. Continue with the same spirit. We are really proud of you brother!

The face is, that my parents loved me, and I wanted to be worthy of their love. I wanted to make them proud. Michael Bergin

I am so proud of your achievements. Keep on doing what you know best.

My dad has worked so hard his whole life. He doesn’t deserve to see his daughters going out embarrassing themselves and flashing their knickers. I want to make my parents proud.  Petra Stunt

You have an advantage over the others as you have books and you have been able to read them. Thumbs up and I am proud of you.

My massive motivation in life is to make parents proud. Benedict Cumberbatch

You have a bright future for you have been preparing for it each day. I am proud of you!

proud of you quotes

I think I’m proudest of making my parents proud.  Eric Dickson

I am proud of the way you tackled those exams today. I know you are all going to pass with flying colors.

All I wanted to do was to do something so good so that my parents could be proud of me. Ozzy Osbourne

We teachers can open the doors, but you have to make a choice to enter. Thanks for making the best decision in life. I am proud of you.

Success is a process for all of us  giving your best effort more often than not – then you are already successful and deserve to feel proud of yourself. Hal Elrod

Whenever I need you, you have always been there for me. Thanks, bro! Each passing day I am proud of you.

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