81+ Best Nipsey Hussle Quotes

Motivational Nipsey Hussle quotes about respect, love, friends and music help you build a better life and success.

Airmiess Joseph Asghedom, known professionally as Nipsey Hussle, was an American rapper. His lyrics give some wisdom on entrepreneurship, life and motivation. Get your hustle for your dreams from his song quotes.

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Inspirational Nipsey Hussle Quotes

Instead of trying to build a brick wall, lay a brick everyday. Eventually you’ll look up and you’ll have a brick wall. Nipsey Hussle

Most important thing is to get rid of doubt. If you got doubt in what you’re doing, it’s not gonna work. Nipsey Hussle

Sometimes you have to take two steps back to take ten forward. Nipsey Hussle

I went through every emotion with tryna pursue what I’m doing, you know what I mean? And I think what’s gon’ separate whoever’s gon go for something, that you ain’t gon’ quit. Nipsey Hussle

To me, respect comes first. Nipsey Hussle

Never apologize for your success. Nipsey Hussle

A speaker of truth has no friends. Nipsey Hussle

It sounds simple telling people to work hard and never quit, but to really execute and demonstrate those principles takes discipline and faith. Nipsey Hussle

On a mission your worst enemy is idle time. Nipsey Hussle

My thing is that I don’t give no person that much power over my path that I’m walking. Not one person can make or break what I’m doing, except me or God. Nipsey Hussle

We’re not the cause, we’re the effect. Nipsey Hussle

You’ve got to have faith in what you’re doing and not take no for an answer. Nipsey Hussle

Even as you make progress, you need the discipline to keep from backtracking and sabotaging the success as it’s happening. Nipsey Hussle

I feel that luck is a product of hard work. Nipsey Hussle

Success to me is just being able to do what you love to do and support yourself all through. Nipsey Hussle

I always had faith in my creative capacity. Nipsey Hussle

We got turned down, we failed, had setbacks, had to start over a lot of times. But we kept going at it. In anybody’s case that’s always the distinguishing factor. Nipsey Hussle

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Without a game plan and without a strong sense of faith in what you’re doing, it’s gonna be real hard to accomplish anything. Nipsey Hussle

Control your time use every minute wisely. Nipsey Hussle

None of my peers avoided prison. None of ’em. Nipsey Hussle

I never wanted to alienate my brand for business. I always wanted to keep it authentic and keep it as pure as I could. Nipsey Hussle

If you have strong faith, your God will love you. Nipsey Hussle

You gotta go hard, you gotta believe in yourself. Nipsey Hussle

Ain’t nobody gave us nothing. I just got my own! Nipsey Hussle

Seize the opportunity, believe, and take control of it. Then get on your marathon and grind it ’til it’s over with. Nipsey Hussle

Turning up my hustle’s how I give myself a raise. Nipsey Hussle

Your parents are supposed to tell you to make decisions that are gonna help you and that’ll have a positive effect on your life and your wellbeing. Nipsey Hussle

Don’t expect from others Put in your own work. Nipsey Hussle

I’m more focused on giving solutions and inspiration more than anything. Nipsey Hussle

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I have identified myself as a hustler since I was a young kid. Nipsey Hussle

I’m focusing on the music, but I still got a cold library of books that I’ve either read or I plan on getting to. Nipsey Hussle

We all have experienced a lot of ups and downs, rapper quotes will uplift you, empower you and get you ready for the next chapter in your life.

Wise Nipsey Hussle Quotes

Every artist wants something different out the game. Nipsey Hussle

My God will never make me and break me. I have faith. Nipsey Hussle

Hopin’ what I’m doing truly makes my mama proud, ‘Cause for a very long time, I was the reason for her frowns. Nipsey Hussle

I am an anomaly in my space. The way I exist is unique. Nipsey Hussle

Be truthful with yourself and other people and try your best to make decisions outside of your ego. Nipsey Hussle

Ownership is everything. Own your mind, mind your own. Nipsey Hussle

I’d rather invest in real estate than invest in some assets as opposed to trick all my money in diamonds and cars. It looks good but at the end of the day you’re losing value. It ain’t appreciating, it’s depreciating. I’m trying to get a real asset. Take care of my people. Nipsey Hussle

I knew I wanted to work for myself when I was about eleven. Nipsey Hussle

Material things ain’t nothing, you feel me? At the end of the day, it’s who you is. Nipsey Hussle

I hit the league straight out the streets with no talent scout. Nipsey Hussle

Having strong enemies is a blessing. Nipsey Hussle, Last Tweet on Twitter

I’m at peace with what I’m doing, I feel good with what I wake up doing and about my lifestyle. Nipsey Hussle

I’m not in it for fame. I’ve been famous in the streets already. Nipsey Hussle

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If you don’t know your full throttle history, the whole story of how you came to where you are, it’s kind of hard to put things together. Nipsey Hussle

And it’s possible to monetize your art without compromising the integrity of it for commerce. Nipsey Hussle

I’m the type of person, my safe place to be emotional is the booth. Nipsey Hussle

Before rap my last name was my lifestyle, and when I visualize success it looked like right now. Nipsey Hussle

No one in life can enjoy peace until they know the meaning of it. Nipsey Hussle

Create a plan and then attack it. A dream without a plan is a wish. Nipsey Hussle

We played the long game. We don’t want the money to stop when we go. When we can’t work no more. We want it to outlive us, we want it to be generational Nipsey Hussle

Being stabbed in my heart so much I learned to smile while I bleed. Nipsey Hussle

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If you’ve got a plan, it’s not just like a pipe dream. You have a step-by-step list of things to do to get to your goal. Nipsey Hussle

You’re not going to scare me into being somebody I don’t want to be. Nipsey Hussle

I believe that economics is based on scarcity of markets and it’s possible to monetize your art without compromising the integrity of it for commerce. Nipsey Hussle

And what good is dreaming, If you can’t make your dream come true? Nipsey Hussle

Thought is powerful in all phases. Even in my career, even in my life, things end up exactly how I visualized them. Nipsey Hussle

But we kept going at it. In anybody’s case that’s always the distinguishing factor. Nipsey Hussle

I’m about seeing long term, seeing a vision, understanding nothing really worthwhile happens overnight, and just sticking to your script long enough to make something real happen. Nipsey Hussle

Life brings us as many joyful moments as it does downfalls. Let Juice WRLD quotes change the way you think about your own life and how you see the world.

Short Nipsey Hussle Quotes

I realized the power of hip-hop. I realized how influential this music and this culture are. Nipsey Hussle

Luck is just being prepared at all times, so when the door opens, you’re ready. Nipsey Hussle

If I wasn’t involved in this hip-hop sh*t, I’d probably be breakin’ the law to eat and feed my family and maintain the lifestyle that I’m used to. Nipsey Hussle

Gangbanging is a survival instinct, regardless of how anybody tries to paint it. Nipsey Hussle

Life is what you make it, I hope you make a movement. Nipsey Hussle

I grew up in an environment where being polite was taken as a weakness. So I just fought everybody. Nipsey Hussle

I believe that we should own the fruits of our labor and the assets of our creations. Nipsey Hussle

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When I became a man, and I started to understand the difference between the truth and what your parents are supposed to tell you, there’s a difference, know what I mean? Nipsey Hussle

All the smart money got the best of me And all the real ngs wish the best for me. Nipsey Hussle

I intend to inspire people with my story: motivate young people that grew up like myself, or even not like myself. Just, you know, go through the human experience. Nipsey Hussle

Finish what we started, reach them heights, you know? Nipsey Hussle, Album Racks in the Middle

The company you keep has a large influence on the situations you bring to yourself. Nipsey Hussle

And it can be as simple as it seems, If you never doubt yourself and learn from everything you see. Nipsey Hussle

One small misunderstanding can show you exactly how a person really feels about you. Nipsey Hussle

I was never ignorant, as far as being experienced in classrooms and learning about different subjects and actually soaking it up. Nipsey Hussle

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I was raised differently because even if you wish me the worst Ima still wish you the best. Nipsey Hussle

An artist always know everything he does, you know what I’m saying, all the record he starts and don’t end up in the public and just sit on the hard drive. Nipsey Hussle

I say it’s worth it, I won’t say it’s fair, Find your purpose or you wastin air. Nipsey Hussle

I’m not into trading ownership of the only asset I have, which is my intellectual property. Nipsey Hussle

Started out the trunk, ended up at the dealership. Nipsey Hussle

I try to sprinkle little gems and jewels in the music that people could use in their own life. Nipsey Hussle

I don’t know about hell, I don’t know about heaven, All I know is ’bout right now and this lifestyle is interesting. Nipsey Hussle