114+ Heart Touching Love Messages to Make Her Cry

Deep emotional love messages to make her cry will strengthen your bond and make her feel cherished. Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, celebrating a special occasion, or simply want to remind her of your love, these romantic messages will evoke those beautiful tears of love and appreciation.

Heartwarming love messages help you express your love in the most beautiful way that will touch her soul, make her smile, and even make her cry tears of joy. Let cute love text messages make her heart melt and bring you closer than ever before.

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Best Love Messages to Make Her Cry

When you are around me, my world turns around, and I feel your passion swell up inside my heart. I love you because you pull me closer when I lose myself.

I thank the universe for giving me you. You are a beautiful soul, and my favorite person. You mean more to me than all the people in the world.

I want to spend my life with you and face the world together. Let’s share our dreams and build the future we deserve. I love you.

Until the world ceases to exist, I’m savoring this love so sacred. I love you.

I doubt if there’s anyone else that could care and love me like you do. You’re one in a billion and I love you beyond the stars.

One of my utmost desires is to wake up and live my life around your watch – around your beautiful face. Right now, I stare at approval and acceptance any time I look into your face. What I can see is assurance – the assurance I need. My queen, I love you.

best love messages to make her cry

You’re my heartbeat. Your voice is just like a beautiful melody. I love you, my everything.

I just wanted you to know that I am so thankful for all you are! You are intelligent, thoughtful, sweet, awesome, beautiful, and funny…This list could go on and on! I treasure you!

I can’t ever go through a day without thinking of how lucky I am to have an amazing lady like you in my life. I love you, baby.

You know everything about me, the good and the bad. I feel so at peace when I’m with you. You are my best friend, my rock, my soulmate. I love you more than words could ever say.

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You are special to me, my dear. I’ve heard and read about love, but now, I know what it feels like. It’s magical, but it’s also frightening. I feel vulnerable and secure at the same time.

Never believe that you must flatter me with worldly things. All I want is love because unlike earthly things; your love will not fade away. It embedded inside my heart.

lovely messages to make her cry

It’s funny how you can go through life thinking you were complete until you fall in love. Now every time we’re apart I feel so incomplete, my other half. I love you.

You give me a lot of reasons to want to be with you for the rest of my life. This is because every moment I have shared with you gave me the happiest time of my life.

Thank you for all the little things you do that brighten my day in the biggest way. I love you.

I don’t believe love at first sight exists. I believe that to truly be in love with someone, you need to know them. You need to see the good and the bad because that is what makes them real. The way you make me laugh, smile, and feel like I can conquer anything in this world is why I believe I love you.

You paint my life with heaven’s colors. As long as I have you and your love, I don’t want anything else. I love you so much.

I don’t need fancy cars or clothes to feel special… you and your love are more than enough for me. You are the center of my world.

messages to make her cry

You came during the darkest days of my life. I was dispirited and broken inside. And when all was but a mess, Your love shone the brightest. Then I began to dream of a bright future with you. I love you. I surely do.

If there is a danger in loving somebody too much, then let me die for you, or better still, die in your arms if that is what it will take to show you that I love you.

You make me feel alive every moment. You are the reason behind every joy and every smile of my life. I love you so deeply!

True love words can bring us closer. It’s not easy for you to understand that your smile and happiness mean the whole world to me. I just hope you keep on smiling and feel my love!

We can’t measure love. We can only feel it. I want you to be the candlelight for our romantic dinners. For the cold nights, I want you to be my fiery fireplace.

You don’t always have to text me back immediately…..I just want you to know that I am always thinking of you, my lovely lady..

most romantic love messages to make her cry

It takes great luck to have someone like you. I feel blessed each day and each moment for this gift. I will love you till my very last breath no matter what life brings before us!

Your heart is filled with love and affection. Your hands are caring. I’m lucky to have you.

The more we are together, the more our love grows stronger. I will never leave you for anything because you are worth more than diamond and every other precious stone in this world. I will love you forever.

I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone, and all the times that I told myself I was falling out of love with you have turned out to be nothing but a lie. I hope you stay with me forever because with each passing day my love for you grows stronger.

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Special Love Quotes To Make Her Cry

Songs and poems fail to describe my love for you. I wish our love lasts until we pass from this life. I love you.

My dearest, you have embraced all my flaws. You make me feel whole and happy. And the beautiful thing is you believe in me. I love you.

If I could take your burden for you, I would. If I could carry the weight of your heart on my shoulders so you don’t have to carry it alone, I would. Because when you hurt my heart aches. I love you more than words can express and nothing makes me happier than knowing that you are mine and I am yours.

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When I am down, you lift my spirits. You share joy with me when you are happy. In bad and good times, you are always with me. You have taught me how to love.

All the awesome things you have done in my life will never go unnoticed. I am an imperfect being but having you in my life is one favor I don’t know what I did to deserve. Your awesomeness is out of the earth. I love you, dear.

In all my dealings with women, none has taken hold of my heart that way you have done it. I have this sense of freedom whenever I see you smile; every touch of yours captures me and keeps me in a land of fun. You are the love of my life. You are my all and all. I love you dearly.

special love messages to make her cry

As I spend more time with you, the clearer it becomes just how deeply in love I am with you. You have a very gentle and kind heart that I promise to take care of all my life. I love you!

The moment I saw you, I just knew it. I realized you are all that I have been searching for all of my life.

Every time I see you the butterflies come out. I think about you constantly, and I mean it when I say you are my best friend. Every morning when I wake up with your arms wrapped around me, I feel so happy. Life is good because of you, thank you.

Every time you stare into my eyes, you soften my heart and make me fall in love all over again. I love being felt by you.

A friendly reminder that you bring so much joy into my life, and I love you for it.

Storm clouds may gather, and stars may collide, but I will be with you until the end of time.

romantic messages to make her cry

I love seeing you happy, every time. And my biggest reward is seeing you smile. Keep smiling, love.

Would it be crazy for me to tell you within this sweet love message that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me or ever will? Because I look at where we are now and I just don’t know if I could ever feel this way for another. I love you.

Independence is great. But interdependence is nothing less than Godly. My friend, my world, my lover. I love you.

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You are the only reason why I survive; I love you so so much honey!

I love you more than the sun loves the sky. More than water loves the shore. I love you more than any other words can say, I promise to love you always, my heart is yours.

You have totally bewitched me… I can’t get you out of my mind. I am completely sure that you are the one for me. My love for you keeps on growing bigger by the second.

short love messages to make her cry

I have a massive quantity of love for you, not just because I desire to, but I get directed to you by every good pointer. Except I want to catch fun and deceive myself, can I ever say that I don’t love you? I don’t think I can. I live for you, baby.

Loving you is the greatest thing that I have done in my whole life. Thanks for making my life wonderful.

Even your smile can shine brighter than a thousand sun. You light up my life in every conceivable manner. Never stop doing this!

I can barely put into words how special you are to me. I’m so glad that you came into my life, and while I know that it may not be what you wanted early on, I’m so glad to have you stay! You are the light to my darkness, the tickle to my funny bone, the love of my life.

Every time I think of you, half my worries are gone. You make everything around you so positive and energetic. I love you so much.

I promise to love you for all eternity. I promise to hold your hand when everything feels like it falling apart. I promise to protect you in every way that I can and always be there when you need me. You are my one in a million, my heart, my soul mate. I could never stop loving you if I tried. And trying is not an option when it comes to our amazing love story.

beautiful love messages to make her cry

Every day, I am grateful to God for sending an angel like you into my life. I love you like crazy.

There is no language that can express how much I love you, but my heart will always tell you that, I love you.

I can’t control how much I love you. So, this is how love is? I have heard about love, but now, I feel what it’s like. Trust me; its feeling is magical. Everyone in this world has just one life to live, but in that one life, I’ll love you to the last that you won’t want to wish for a new life. You are special to me, my dear.

Every moment we have spent has been spectacular, and I promise you that the very best is yet to come. I love you.

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Touching Love Messages For Her To Make Her Cry

Can anything be more valuable than our love? Since you are with me, my only measurement is in heartbeats.

Love can only be felt, it can’t be measured. You have used the colors of heaven to paint my life. As long as you love me, I don’t want anything else. I love you so much.

I’d like you to know that the fire you bring is what protects me from the cold world. I love you.

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When the realities of your love became obvious to me, I became obsessed with the fact that anything that is not you seems like hell to me.

The greatest fantasies I have ever experienced are the ones that start with you and end with you. I am deeply and truly in love with you.

Since I met you and you came into my life, every day is a celebration of happiness, joy, and love. I cherish you forever.

touching love messages to make her cry

I am so lost in the way that I love you that I don’t know the right words to express what I feel for you. No diction can describe my love for you!

I love loving you, and nothing can change that. I believe in you, and I believe in us. So, never, ever lose hope because we have a beautiful future ahead.

With all my heart, my sweetness, I love you unconditionally.

The more I spend time with you, the more I fall in love with you every day. You have a very gentle and tender heart that I promise to take care of all my life. I love you!

Your voice is angelic and unique, sweeter than the early morning birds. Your touch is electric and therapeutic to calm my nerves on difficult days.

heart touching love messages to make her cry

Nothing can explain fully how fortunate I am to have you in my life. Love you sincerely.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don’t ever want to lose you. You make me laugh, you make me smile and I can’t wait to wake up next to you every morning. I am so in love with you it is almost hard to express in words.

I am madly, deeply, genuinely in love with you. And I am not one of those who deny themselves the simple pleasure of telling the truth.

The only desire of my heart is to be with you every moment of my life. Your love draws me closer to you like a magnet. For me, you’re the only person with whom I can be myself without all the worries of being judged.

I won’t ever promise you everything on the planet, but I will guarantee you everything my heart brings out because you possess my heart.

emotional love messages to make her cry

Let anyone who wants to fight you be ready to face because I will be right beside you. You know I got you, and I run to get you out of trouble.

Love is Like a Golden chain that links our hearts together and if you ever break that chain you’ll break my heart forever!

I’m loving you, till I drop my last breath, till my heart beats no more.

You are my strength because, at my weakness, you inspire me to gun for more. You have me, baby, and I am working hard on myself to be the best thing in your life. I hope you know how much you mean to me.

Let us love each other as we have never loved before. I cherish you.

I miss you, my dear angel, the treasure of my heart, the one I wish to spend the rest of my life with. Holding you is the best feeling ever!

Love is what you can’t think or explain. It can only be felt so feel the spark of love in my eyes for you. It’s just for you.

You make me lose control even when I am confident that I have things under control.

heartwarming love messages to make her cry

Your love is the source of my joy. Whenever I think of you, I get so emotional. Please never leave me alone. I cannot imagine a single day without your presence.

To love you is such a simple thing to do because you are the most amazing human being in the world. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you, but I’m very grateful for having you in my life. Love you so much.

I do not want tomorrow to come without telling you I love you, my princess.

One day, I caught myself smiling without any reason, then I realized I was thinking of you. I love you.

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Sweet Love Messages For Her To Make Her Cry

At the sound of your voice, I fell for you, well now you know.

I want to love you the best way I can because I live only once. I miss you so much.

You are the perfect match for me and I know it from the first time I saw your fine face. Love you with my everything pretty girl.

I have always loved you, not for what you are but for what I am when I’m with you. You are a precious jewel.

You look like someone from my past and my future. I feel like I have known you my entire life.

You worth more than a million, you just one in a million. Love you sweetheart.

My love, whenever I see you, I’m overwhelmed at your company. I’m stunned by your voice when I hear you speak. And I perceive your smell of roses whenever you come close to me. Your eyes are the lights that shine on my heart; your kiss is so passionate I love you.

sweet love messages to make her cry

Do you believe in love? I know we are in the middle of the storm but take it easy, baby.

Sometimes it feels like I’m having a dream, but then I realize it’s all real and I’m one lucky fellow in this beautiful world. Thank you for being mine!

I had thought that I knew everything about myself and the world I live in before I met you. You opened my eyes and made me see, how blind I was. It seems like now I’m discovering the world for the first time, like a child. And you’re my guiding star, the light of my life.

It’s not true that love doesn’t have boundaries. In actuality, my love for you has generated limits in your heart that no one else could come in. I love you.

You’re the reason I wake up with a grin on my face every morning. You’re never off my head; You’re in my fantasies, and even then, you continue to be perfect in every single way.

You have always made me feel how important I am to you. You have given me so much love and care. I can’t thank you ever enough.

cute love messages to make her cry

I keep loving you every single day because you are the one for me. My love keeps growing stronger every second, and I can’t explain how happy I am. Will you please tell me what you did to my heart that I can’t stop thinking of you.

There is no word to describe you nor your love for me. You mean the world to me and I love you more than love itself.

You’ve always seen my joy, and I can’t forget you if I’m left with nothing. I will show you what you are to me. I’ll love you so much that you’ll never lack love all through your lifetime.

You are so thoughtful. You care about the smallest details of my life. I can’t help but love you more. Your love is amazing and I want you to know right away that I love you.

I have found someone who makes my soul smile. That someone is you! I’m in love with you and with every passing day, I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with you.

You gave me every reason, every hope, and everything I needed to grow in love. Looking back to where we came from, you have shown me, I can trust my heart in your care. I love you sincerely.

The way you are supporting me and standing by my side, none did this before. I never thought I would have anyone that special in my life.

By choosing you, I chose happiness for life. You are the best thing that’s happened to me. Beyond you, there is nothing I can see. Love you, dear!

love messages to make her cry

If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would know how much I love you. You hold a very special place in my heart! I will love you forever!

You will always remain dear to my heart. You will always live in my world. I’m so sure about it because the heart knows where it belongs. You belong to me, and I am keeping you. I love you so much.

How can I not love you? To not love you is to not breathe and to not breathe is to be dead. I choose life!

When I met you I thought that there is no way I’m gonna like you. But look at me now, head over heels in love with someone I used to call weirdo. You are my other half, and I love everything about you, baby.

You have truth in your heart and passion in your eyes; things about you that make me love you even more.

Your love fills my heart. Your thoughts split my face and your gentle touch stills my soul. My Awning, you make my heart skips always.

You turned my life into a journey of love and happiness. Every second I spend with you; I fall in love even more with you!

A life without your love is miserable; without you, I don’t have any hope, I’m empty inside. Thank you for being my love. I love you.

Nothing in this world can ever stop me from thinking of you. No one in this world can take the place you have in my heart!

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