142+ Happy 4th Birthday Wishes For 4-Year-Old Boy Or Girl

Are you ready to make a 4-year-old’s birthday super special? Turning four is a big deal and best happy 4th birthday wishes will make the day even more fantastic. These most awesome and cheerful birthday wishes are like little bundles of joy that can make their big day full of smiles and giggles.

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Birthday Wishes to 4-Year-Old Girls

If your day is pleasant, lovely and fine. If you are happy all the days of your birthday, then all my wishes for you have come true. Happy fourth birthday to you young lady.

Happy birthday, little angel. Four years ago, you came into my life and I could not be prouder of you than I am now. Enjoy your day to the fullest, honey.

Happy 4th Birthday! Blow out the candles and make a wish! May all your wishes come true.

Happy 4th Birthday, sweet girl! May your day be as magical and wonderful as you are.

My world is enclosed in the eyes of a little girl. And when I see you, my heart starts dancing. Love you, little princess. Happiest birthday!

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest four-year-old girl of all? You are!

Today it is your birthday, I sing to let you know just how special you are to me and how much you changed the world when you were born to me. Happy 4th birthday, love. Have a good one.

Wishing you a fantastic 4th birthday filled with lots of cake!

You are the cutest girl as ever I meet. When you talk it feels a teenager is talking. You are so sweet. Wish you a very happy 4th birthday.

Hey princess, you are the cutest 4 years old girl in the world. Your parents are so blessed to have you in their life. Happy 4th Birthday to you.

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Have the time of your life decorating your birthday cake today.

I hope your 4th birthday will bring much happiness and joy to your life. I want you to become a successful lady in the future. Happy 4th birthday to you.

Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart. I pray your Big Day is filled with lots of love, laughter, candies, cakes and happiness.

May your birthday be as colorful and bright as your smile. Enjoy every moment of being four!

You are the biggest gift from God to me. I always wanted a cute angel like you in my life. I am so blessed that exactly 4 years ago, on this day, God sent you. Happy 4th birthday to you, little princess

You will forever be the most loved, the most precious, and the most awesome girl I have ever known. Happy fourth bday!

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To the most adorable 4-year-old princess, may your birthday be filled with love and laughter.

You have added so much color and joy to our life. I can’t think of a single day without you. You deserve the most delicious cake on your birthday, Happy 4th birthday to you, sweet girl.

Princess, go out and spread your arms wide, twirl and scream out loud at the sky. Be carefree and light. It is a good way to start the year ahead. Happy 4th birthday.

When you turn 4 years old, you have a special job to do. All 4-year-olds must do it. No 4-year-old can get out of doing it. At 4, your job is to be happy and have fun, starting with your birthday party! Happy birthday, princess!

Light the candles, cut the cake, this is a very special date. A precious little girl is turning four. Here are birthday wishes for someone I adore. Happy 4th birthday!

Birthday Wishes to 4-Year-Old Boys

Bring your horses. Shut the door. A prince is turning four.

Happy 4th Birthday, my little prince. You have come so far in the past four years, and I am so proud of the wonderful young man you are becoming.

To the coolest 4-year-old, keep spreading joy wherever you go. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, little champ! May your 4th year be full of happiness and unforgettable moments.

Break out the boom, boom, boom, boom. Let’s zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom! Because it’s time to celebrate a very special birthday…Yours. Happy 4th birthday to my favorite four-year-old boy!

Wow, you’re 4. Before you know it, you’re going to be old…you know, 5 years old. Better have fun while you’re 4. Happy birthday!

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Have a super duper fourth birthday.

Happy blessed birthday to you, my dear child. Approximately 4 years ago, on this day, you were born and the world became a better place. I pray you grow up to turn tears to laughter.

Cheers to turning four! May your journey ahead be filled with happiness and lots of sweet memories.

To the coolest 4-year-old boy, have a fantastic birthday with lots of cake and toys. Wishing you a bright future ahead!

On this day, 4 years ago, I got the most precious gift. That’s why I celebrate this day with much fun and entertainment. Happy birthday to you, my prince.

Check your height today. You are growing four times bigger than other boys you know.

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Your smile has not only brought life into my life but it has become a light of hope for me. Happy 4th birthday. I pray God will give you more years filled with laughter, hope, peace and love.

Happy 4th Birthday. You are the shining star of my sky; with your presence my world brightens.

I wish that you achieve everything in your life that you desire. It has been an amazing 4 years journey with you. Happy 4th birthday to the sweetest boy in the world.

May the angels that have protected you so far continue to do so my 4 year old age. I love you and wish you all the sweetness the world has to offer!

You are the most special kid and deserve the best on your birthday. Happy 4th birthday to you.

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If your day is full of joy and cheers and you are happy all day long, then all my wishes in this card have been granted. Happy fourth-year birthday young lad.

I pray you will be gifted with many more years filled with amazing blessings and happy moments. Have a fantastic 4th birthday.

At 4 years old, you turn into a magical wizard. Not really, but you’re magical to me. Happy birthday to the cutest 4-year-old boy I know and love!

On this day, exactly four years ago, a brilliant boy came to the world to make some significant changes. And you are that brilliant boy. I love you so much. Happy 4th birthday to you.

4th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy fourth birthday. You are growing up so quickly to be the perfect young lady, just like mummy.

My sweetheart, I will do anything to make you smile. I will protect you and teach you right from wrong. I silently promised this to you the day you were born, but now I vocally promise you this on your birthday.

Hope your 4th birthday brings the ultimate pleasure and once again your parents do something more special for you. Wish you a very happy day.

Because of you, I have made many positive changes in my life. You are a superstar who changed my life for the better. Happy 4th birthday to you.

Happy 4th birthday sweet daughter. May you have a blessed day.

Hey, cutie, you are my life. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. Happy 4th birthday to you, dear.

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Love to see you do things that little girls your age are too afraid to do. You are one big, strong girl, my perfect four-year-old.

Happy 4th Birthday, Princess! You shine bright like the stars. May you always stay as beautiful, smart and kindhearted as you are today!

What a great week it is, I clocked 44 yesterday and you’re 4 today. May our entire life be full of joy and life 4 ever and 4 real. Enjoy your most beautiful moments.

Today, my little princess turned 4, and that’s a huge day for me. I know an amazing year is waiting for you. Happy 4th birthday to my lovely daughter.

Words are not enough to express my feelings that how much I am happy on your birthday. May you have a long happy life with exciting events. Happy Birthday.

As your mom, the biggest wish of my life is to see my daughter successful in the future. I want you to stay so loving and caring forever. Happy 4th birthday.

For your fourth birthday, I’ll make you a tall cake like the castles in Disney movies and we can play and pretend that we are being haunted. I do love playing with you.

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Happy 4th birthday, my baby. My little sunshine, your life is just starting and I pray it will be filled with many happy moments.

On your 4th birthday, I am sharing lots of blessings, love, and good wishes to you. I hope you will stay blessed forever with love and care. Happy 4th birthday to you.

Happy 4th Birthday to our beautiful daughter! You light up our lives with your sweet smile and loving heart.

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Happy 4th Birthday to our little princess. Wishing you a year ahead filled with wonderful moments.

Hey dear, you need to know that mommy loves you more than everything in the world. I am so happy because you are turning 4 today, that’s the best thing to celebrate. I love you.

4th Birthday Wishes for Son

Happy birthday my number one champ.

Have a fantastic fourth birthday, Mister Fantastic.

The goal of my life is to make you happy all time. May this birthday bring an ultimate pleasure and joy. Happy Birthday to you dear son.

Dear son, you are the brightest star in my sky. Thank you so much for making my life enjoyable, I am blessed to have you in my life. Happy 4th Birthday to you.

Aww, you are already four. You’re getting bigger each day and one day, you’ll be a gentleman like daddy.

Wishing the world’s coolest 4-year-old a super duper happy birthday! Son, you’re an extraordinary blessing to all the people that know you.

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You are the sunshine by which my day is brightened. Happy 4th birthday to you.

Happy 4th birthday son. May you have thousands of happy moments with loads of fun, happiness, and prosperity. I hope your birthday is just wonderful this year

This is the most pleasing moment in my life. I want your 4th birthday to be better and more enjoyable than your 3rd birthday. Happy 4th birthday to my adorable son.

I knew that I had a special kid in my life, and you are proving it again and again. I have never seen a brilliant boy like you who is 4 years old today. Happy 4th birthday to you, dear son.

Happy 4th birthday to my little superhero! May all your birthday wishes come true! Have a wonderful day, son!

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You were really cute at age one, but now you’re four times cuter than then. Happy 4th Birthday. May you enjoy life.

When I see you walking, smiling, or talking, I feel great. I am blessed to have such a cute and amazing son. I couldn’t be a prouder mom. Happy 4th birthday to you, prince.

Happy 4th birthday to our amazing son! Wishing you a year full of growth and boundless joy.

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Life gives us many gifts, some gifts are priceless and valuable. You are a gift from God and the most precious one for me in my life. Happy 4th birthday to you.

To our little superhero, have a fun-filled birthday with lots of laughter and excitement.

Today, my first-born son is turning 4! You are the cutest and the smartest kid in the world. That’s why you deserve the most delicious birthday cake. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for 4-Year-Old Grandson

Bring the cakes, juices and food. My grandson is turning four years old. One year older but four times stronger.

As you add the fourth candle on your cake today, I wish you live till your birthday cakes get crowded with candles.

May you find the easiest way to walk in this difficult world. Happy 4th birthday to you, my dear grandson.

Happy 4th Birthday to our wonderful grandson! May your day be as special and bright as you are!

Happy 4th birthday to my wonderful grandson, may all of your dreams come true, and I pray for you to become a very special person in your future. Good luck.

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I wish you the most roar-some birthday ever. And when you can come over, I promise you cakes and sweets and all the things mummy and daddy don’t let you eat at home.

May your luck never end, may you live a happy and fulfilling life, these are my main wishes for you as you turn 4 my dear child, I love you!

To the cutest 4-year-old grandson, you fill our hearts with pride and joy. Have an amazing birthday!

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Today is the most special day for me because it’s the birthday of my dearest grandson. It has been 4 years with you, and that’s amazing, Happy birthday.

You have been three and now it is time to be four years old. Four-year-olds are brave and strong. That is who you are now and I won’t be wrong.

Happy 4th birthday to my special grandson, you are like a shining star and one of the most important people in my life, I love you so much.

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Birthday boy you look so big already. Four years looks good on you my grandson.

I am the die-hard fan of your smile as it is the cutest thing ever I seen. All my sweet wishes are for you. May you get the best of everything. Happy 4th birthday grandson.

Lots of wishes, blessings, love, and prayers for my grandson on his 4th birthday. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for 4-year-old Granddaughter

Happy birthday, sweetie. Every time I see you, you are always bigger and prettier. I hope you remain the happy child that you are.

My life is completed just because of you. May you have a stunning birthday.

Happy 4th Birthday to our precious granddaughter! Keep shining, little one!

My beautiful granddaughter, I adore you in my heart and hold the purest feelings for you. You shine on our life like a star and give us warmth like a sun. I love you, and I want to wish you a happy four years birthday.

Your birthday is always special, and today we are going to celebrate your 4th birthday. It is the biggest celebration for the family. Happy birthday to you.

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I love to see your cute four-year-old smile all the time. I wish you a happy birthday and that your smile never fades away.

Happiness is when you celebrate the birthday of your cute granddaughter. I wish you a very happy day, my sweetheart.

Happy 4th birthday to my awesome granddaughter, may God bless you and bring lots of happiness in your life.

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To our little princess, may your birthday be filled with love, joy, and all your favorite things!

Today is the birthday of my most special granddaughter. We are going to celebrate this day with many fun activities. Happy 4th birthday to you, dear.

Truthfully, you are a ball of delight and you bring so much sunshine into my life. I love you so much my darling four-year-old granddaughter. Happy birthday from grandma/grandpa/us.

The greatest wish of every mother is to see their children become great in life but I do something to make it possible, I pray for you always. Happy 4th Birthday granddaughter.

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Happy 4th birthday to my cutest granddaughter, wish big and always keep smiling. You are such a wonderful kid. Your parents are very lucky to have you, good wishes for your future.

I love the way you walk, smile, and talk. You are the cutest kid in the world. Happy 4th birthday to you, dear granddaughter.

4-Year-Old Nephew Birthday Wishes

Congratulations Viking, you have unlocked a new level. Being four is no small task and I want to congratulate you on your new age.

Four awesome years have passed since you came into our lives. I hope there are still many exciting years to come. Happy 4th Birthday.

Happy 4th Birthday, awesome nephew! You make our family brighter every day. You’re loved so much!

I am happy to see a lovely prince like you turning 4 years old today. I have to applaud you for being so innocent and pure in your thoughts and deeds. May you always be blessed with success and stay happy forever. Enjoy your day, baby boy.

Welcome to part four of being my favorite nephew. In this new step, you get to choose where you want to go for your birthday.

birthday wishes to 4-year-old nephew
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Happy Birthday. May this fourth year’s birthday cake is four times bigger than your last three birthday cakes.

Dear nephew, you are turning 4 today, and this is the biggest day for the family. We are going to celebrate it with so much fun and entertainment. Happy birthday!

My cute nephew is growing. Today is his 4th birthday. That’s a huge day for the family. Happy birthday to you, my sweet little nephew.

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You’re no longer three, and that means you have outgrown your other toys. I heard the toy store has new releases, wanna come with me to check them out?

You are so cute and I got jealous of the people who get to look you daily. Have a wonderful 4th birthday, my lovable nephew.

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Your parents are very lucky to have such a wonderful kid in their life. You are like a blessing. I feel very pleased when I look at you. Happy 4th birthday to you.

My dear nephew is turning 4 today, and it’s like a festival at his home. Happy birthday, nephew.

4-Year-Old Niece Birthday Wishes

Three years old is so last year. Welcome to the year of being four and fun.

Your brightness is beyond that of a 4-year-old boy. I really don’t know where you get all these. It’s absolutely from God. Enjoy your beautiful life niece.

Hey, birthday girl! Thank you for being such a wonderful niece to me! I am grateful for the love and affection you have been showering upon me since the day you were born. Happy 4th bday!

Happy 4th Birthday, sweet niece! You bring so much happiness to our hearts. Wishing you a year of joy.

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You are a precious gift to the world. I know you are very smart and talented, and I hope you will be someone very special and important to the world. Happy 4th bday to you.

Now that you’re bigger, you get the chance to hang out with me more. I promise to play with you all the time I am around.

Don’t eat too much cake; you are already too much sweet. Wish you a very happy 4th birthday. May you have a beautiful day.

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Dear niece, you are the most adorable girl in the world, we love you and wish for your great future ahead. Happy 4th birthday.

Sweet! My perfect princess is four. Very soon, you’ll be big enough to get the sweets from the upper drawers and fridge and you’ll not need mummy anymore.

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You stole my heart; you are so cute at the age of 4. Happy birthday niece and have a fabulous day and wonderful life ahead.

My dear niece, you are so cute that I am jealous of the people who can see you daily. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Happy 4th birthday to you.

Cute 4th Birthday Wishes

SpongeBob is here to say happy fourth birthday to you with all his friends from bikini bottom that have now become your friend on your four-year-old birthday.

You are my sweetest kid and all my sweet wishes for you on your 4th birthday. May you get the best of every moment.

Hey dear, it’s a beautiful day because today is your birthday. I am sending so many blessings and good wishes to you on your birthday. Happy fourth birthday to you.

Live once but in a right way. Happy 4th birthday. I wish you happiness and joy.

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I want you to become a great personality when you grow up. I want you to spend your life for humanity. Happy 4th birthday.

This is a message from outer space: Dear, you turn four today and we did not forget to wish you a lovely day. From all your alien friends.

Kiss me, sweet girl I will give it back to you. Wish you a wonderful 4th birthday. May your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday to the coolest 4-year-old brother. Wishing you a year full success.

Happy 4th Birthday, sweet sister! May your special day be filled with happiness and lots of cake!

In life’s journey, we experience both bad and good things. But we need to keep ourselves consistent in the journey. I am pretty sure that you will solve all the problems in your life. Happy fourth birthday to you.

Message for a little four-year-old boy/girl. You’re doing great. Keep advancing in age.

When I am with you I forget all my tensions and I just stay happy and happy. Happy Birthday.

To get success, we need to work hard and become dedicated. I know you are a very smart and brilliant child. Even at 4 years old, I can understand your value and thinking. You are just special. Happy bday to you.