118+ Happy 20th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Perfect happy 20th birthday wishes will make this special day even brighter and more unforgettable. Turning the big 2-0 is a milestone filled with hope, dreams, excitement and endless opportunities. Here is a beautiful collection of happy 20th birthday quotes to share with your friends, family, and loved ones. The right choice of words, cute 20th birthday messages can put a smile on the birthday celebrant’s face, bring joy, and make their day the more exciting and memorable.

Birthday greetings are good way to show someone how much you love and care for them. These sweet 20th birthday wishes can add an extra dose of love and fun to 20th birthday celebration for embracing 20s with open arms and a heart full of happiness.

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Perfect Happy 20th Birthday Wishes

Hopefully you can find a cake big enough to fit 20 candles. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, you’re officially an adult now! Stamped and sealed, no takebacks!

Happy 20th birthday! Hope your party is incredible in every way, with lots of birthday cake, ice cream, gifts and, most of all, fun.

The past 20 years have taught you to be a wonderful and intelligent person. I’m so proud of you! Happy 20th birthday sweetheart!

Happy 20th birthday to someone who’s awesome at any age.

Happy birthday! May this new year bring with it new opportunities to live life to the fullest.

May your birthday be as wonderful as you are, happy 20th.

20 years ago, God blessed me with your presence. No one else can replace you in any way ever! Happy 20th birthday to the best daughter ever!

I’ve always looked up to you and I’m so proud of the person you have become. It’s a blessing to have you in my life.

It’s hard to believe that my little boy/girl is already 20 years old. Happy 20th birthday, son/daughter!

You have accomplished so much in such little time! What a role model you are for those that know you. I’m so proud of the grown-up you have become.

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Happy 20th birthday to the coolest 20-year-old friend of mine! You make life looks awesome and wonderful – I’m sure that many wish to be just like you. Have a blessed day!

Wishing you a wonderful 20th birthday, you deserve to have a great day and hope you get extremely spoilt!

On this day, twenty years ago, we received the most incredible gift in our lives. We love you, and wish you a very happy birthday! May this year be even better than the last!

You’ve really grown into such a marvellous young adult, wishing you a happy 20th.

Happy 20th birthday! May you live this year just as you planned and hoped for, and may this 20th birthday bring you even more than you have ever expected!

20 years ago today our family changed for the better, happy birthday!

Your presence in our lives is truly a blessing. I value your company, your wisdom, and your infectious love of life. Wishing you a most incredible and happy birthday!

Look at that, you’re a whole 20 years old. Hope you have a great day celebrating with all your loved ones.

How is it possible that you are already 20 years old? Let’s hope that the upcoming months and years are going to bring you the best memories that you’ll ever make! Happy birthday buddy!

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Sending you a hundred wishes so that you get everything you could hope for this birthday. Happy 20th birthday!

You’ve grown into such an incredibly kind and smart young wo/man, and I know you’ll continue to do awesome things with each passing year. Happy 20th birthday!

You’ve so many choices left to make as you turn the corner past 20. Whatever path you take, may it provide all of the happiness and success that you deserve.

May the next decades bring you greater joy, growth and love as you venture into the life of a 20-year-old. Happy 20th birthday to you!

Make your nephew’s day more special by sending heart-warming birthday wishes for nephew!

Amazing Happy 20th Birthday Quotes

Wishing you a fantastic 20th birthday, I feel blessed to have you in my life.

I can’t believe it! You’re 20 years old – that’s two whole decades! Happy 20th birthday!

Take a deep breath and step on through. This is your new chapter. Happy 20th Birthday!

Happy 20th birthday to my dearest friend! Life has plenty to offer, and many more surprises in store for you. I hope that the year will only bring you everything that you wished for and more!

Happy 20st! Your future does not lay in front of you, it lies deep inside you. When life becomes a rollercoaster, climb into the front seat, throw your arms in the air and enjoy the ride.

Only one year away from being 100% grown up, with all the rights and responsibilities that it entails. Wishing you a happy 20th!

Happy 20th birthday to someone who has a truly bright future ahead of them! I hope you have a fantastic day!

Happy 20th birthday! How does it feel to end your teenage years and step into your 20’s? Starting to feel old yet? Don’t be! Life is just starting for you!

Behind you all your memories. Before you all your dreams. Around you all that love you. Within you all you need. Happy 20th birthday!

Sending my warmest birthday wishes to you! I hope you have an amazing day!

So proud of what you have achieved and what you are going to achieve. Happy 20th birthday!

Enjoy your 20th birthday to the fullest. That means getting the fullest you’ve ever been with lots of birthday cake and ice cream.

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May this special day bring you happiness, joy, and love. Happy 20th birthday!

You make us so proud, each and every single day.

It’s an honor to be celebrating your 20th birthday with you! Happy birthday to you, and I hope that God blesses you plenty on this day along with the years to come!

A wise man once said, ‘Forget about your past, you cannot change it’. I’d like to add, ‘Forget about your present, I didn’t get you one’. Happy 20th!

It seems like it was only yesterday you were learning to walk, only yesterday that you started first grade, and just a minute ago that you graduated high school. I can’t believe you’re already 20 years old, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you! Happy birthday!

I can’t wait to see what your future holds for you!

You have always inspired me. With all you’ve been through so far, you persevere and move forward. Stronger than ever on your 20th birthday.

Wishing you a very special birthday this year, and many many more! Happy 20th birthday!

I know that the path ahead for you is bright – you deserve every success

Life might start to get a little confusing from this point onwards, but don’t despair! I know that you’re going to do well out there just as well as you did in college. Happy 20th birthday!

You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime. Happy 20th birthday!

Happy birthday to the world’s (no, the universe’s) greatest 20 year old!

More than any family member, your cousins get you much better. So why not show them how much you care with happy birthday cousin messages?

Genuinely Heartfelt Happy 20th Birthday Messages

You may be wise beyond your years, but you’re never too old for birthday cake. Wishing you a very happy 20th birthday!

May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to you on this day. Wishing you a very happy 20th birthday!

You have officially lived past two decades, and for that, happy 20th birthday to you! I hope that the years that follow are only going to get more and more awesome for you.

Happy happy 20th birthday! Always remember that life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. Wishing you all the best for the next chapter.

No matter where you go, always remember that you’re valued and loved by those you know. Happy 20th birthday!

You’re 20 today, so it’s time to think about your future! Just kidding! The only thing you should do now is have fun, fun, fun and fun! Happy 20th birthday!

Being 20 years old means that your life adventures have just begun! Can’t wait to see how blessed you are going to be for your birthday and the next ones as well. Happy 20th birthday!

Happy 20th birthday! I realize it sounds old, but that only makes you 20 and means you have 20 birthday wishes to make. Hope each one comes true!

The past 20 years you’ve learned, discovered, and grown into an incredible young woman/man. Now, the worst of the awkward phases is behind you and the fun part begins – happy 20th birthday!

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Your birthday brings with it a special glow. The glow of so many candles, so hurry and blow them out!

Happy 20th birthday to my lovely friend. You have always been an inspiration to us all, and I think that you’re going to be one for many years more! Have a wonderful birthday!

Smart, good looking, and funny! But enough about me. Happy birthday!

I can’t believe it’s already been twenty years of mischief and mayhem with my favorite partner in crime! Happy 20th birthday!

Congratulations on turning 20! I hope your birthday is so great that you’ll need sunglasses to open the fridge in the morning.

The 20th birthday marks a new journey for you, now that you are no longer a teenager. Now that you’re 20, let’s hope that you’ll thrive well!

So proud of who you have become over these 20 years.

On this special day, my one wish for you, is that you’ll always be successful in everything you do. Best wishes for your 20th birthday!

Make your niece’s special day even better by wishing happy birthday niece.

Ways to Wish Someone a Happy 20th Birthday

Congratulations on reaching this incredible journey to 20. Wishing you many good things for the years ahead.

The best birthdays are celebrated whilst surrounded by love, joy, warmth and plenty of God’s blessings. Now that you’re 20, you’ll also spend the upcoming birthdays surrounded by your colleagues! Happy 20th birthday to you!

Happy birthday to the kindest, funniest, and most interesting person I know!

Many congratulations on your 20th! Wishing you success and happiness on your very special birthday!

I hope that your 20th birthday is going to revolve around the best birthday celebration you have ever experienced for yourself. Here’s to a new stage of life and all its wonderful surprises!

Hope your 20th year is your favorite year so far!

You are kind, thoughtful, and always fun to be around. Wishing you all the best on your birthday!

Happy 20th birthday, you are an amazing person and I am so lucky to be here with you right now. Enjoy each and every moment.

May your twenty-somethings and the rest of your days be blessed with all the people, places and things you love most in life. Happy 20th birthday.

We are so proud of you. You are a remarkable 20 year old. We love you so, so much. Happy 20th birthday!

Three cheers to an incredible 20th birthday! May you have a wonderful year ahead!

Happy 20th birthday! Life in your 20s is like swimming in the ocean. Every chance you get, you need only dive into the deep to see the infinite possibilities that lie beneath the surface.

A birthday is a day to celebrate your achievements, your accomplishments, and your future.

May your twentieth year be your best one yet. Happy 20th birthday!

Your birthday is the first day of another 365-day journey. Be the shining thread in the beautiful tapestry of the world to make this year the best ever. Enjoy the ride.

Happy 20th birthday! May your 20s bestow you with amazing happiness, health and peace of mind.

These spiritual birthday wishes help you show how much you care and wish them another year of God’s mercy and love.

Funny Happy 20th Birthday Wishes

Happy 20th birthday! Now that you’re getting older, I hope your last trip round the sun wasn’t too tiring.

I believe you forgot my birthday present last year, so now I’m returning the favor. Happy 20th Birthday!

Happy 20th birthday! Now you can’t blame all your problems on your “teens” anymore. Now you can just blame your parents.

Here’s your annual reminder of how thoughtful I am – Happy 20th Birthday!

Don’t grow up… It’s a trap! Oh, you did! Happy birthday, in that case!

Friends celebrate friends on their birthdays. Real friends get you drunk on your birthday. Good thing for you I’m the second kind.

You’re older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow, happy 20th birthday!

You know what they say about more candles… A bigger wish! Happy 20th birthday.

Happy 20th birthday! I wouldn’t call you old, but you are nearly at the point where another birthday is not necessarily a good thing anymore.

When I turned 20 years old, I went through a mini mid-life crisis.

Blow out the 20 candles on your birthday cake and make 20 birthday wishes. After all, you’re 20 today! Happy 20th birthday!

Happy 20th birthday! Now, everybody will be obliged to tell you to “act your age, not your shoe size.” In other words, try to win an Oscar for the best performance of a 20 year old.

I can’t believe you are turning 20 years old. Does that mean you’re old now, or worse am I old now? Lol, just kidding, happy 20th birthday!

Happy 20th birthday! For your special day I made you a cake. BOOM YOU’RE A CAKE! You’re so very welcome.

Happy 20th birthday! You’re not getting older, nor are you getting wiser. At least, you’re done with zits.

I spent 3 hours searching the internet for the perfect birthday message for you and then I gave up. Happy 20th Birthday.

I want you to know that we will always be here for you as you get older and wiser. But for now, enjoy being 20! Happy Birthday! We got the big cake!

Happy 20th birthday! Congratulations, you’ve officially reached the age when your friends and family start to refer to your home as “your parents’ house.”

Say “Happy Birthday, son” with something sentimental, like a heartfelt birthday wish or blessing.

Short Happy Birthday Wishes for 20th

20 is a birthday worth celebrating, live it large!

Wishing you a 20th birthday as awesome as you are. Happy birthday!

Forever be beautiful, inside and out. Happy 20th birthday.

Wishing you a happy birthday and a lifetime of happiness!

Happy 20th birthday! You only look as old as the last selfie you took.

Happy 20th birthday! May the coming year be filled with many more reasons to celebrate!

Turning 20 is a piece of cake and a few extra candles.

Happy 20th birthday! Wishing you all the best this coming year!

A very happy 20th birthday, I can’t wait to celebrate with you later.

Look out world, here you come!

20?! YOU?! I demand a recount! Happy birthday!

Balloons with short birthday wishes for turning 20

Happy 20th Birthday. Wow, you are getting old too quick, Stop it. Just kidding.

You are such an amazing person, inside and out. Happy 20th!

Hope your 20th birthday is unforgettably wonderful — just like you!

To this birthday and many more to come, Happy 20th Birthday!

May your birthday be sprinkled with fun and laughter. Have a great day!

I hope you have a fabulous day, and be sure to eat an extra slice of cake for me!

Happy 20th birthday! Here’s to a memorable day!

These birthday wishes for my daughter will let her know she’ll always be your little girl.