34+ Daughter Poems: Celebrating the Bond That Warms Our Hearts

Best daughter poems will help you celebrate the extraordinary connection between parents and their lovely daughters. Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, or even a daughter herself, these heartfelt poems for daughters will remind you of the beauty, unconditional love and joy that this relationship brings to your lives.

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Beautiful Poems For Daughters

My daughter is my everything,
She means the world to me.
She’s like a little flower,
And busy as a little bee.
Daughters are the sunshine,
That comes after the rain.
A bright beacon of hope,
When not much joy remains.
Daughters are blessings,
A rare coveted few.
And few love their daughters,
The way I love you.

The bond between a mother and daughter cannot be broken.
It remains strong despite the time or distance.
It is pure, unconditional, and true.
It is a love that will forever continue to bloom

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Every time I look at your pretty face,
It reminds me of my old days.
It feels amazing to see my own image in front of me,
It is just that you are prettier than I could ever be.
You are beautiful, my dear, and so is your heart,
Your mind is even wonderful, so clean yet unbelievably smart.
I am so proud to see you grow into such a lovely woman,
You, dear daughter, are the best gift to me God has ever given.

For My Daughter
Looking into my daughter’s eyes I read
Beneath the innocence of morning flesh
Concealed, hintings of death she does not heed.
Coldest of winds have blown this hair, and mesh
Of seaweed snarled these miniatures of hands;
The night’s slow poison, tolerant and bland,
Has moved her blood. Parched years that I have seen
That may be hers appear: foul, lingering
Death in certain war, the slim legs green.
Or, fed on hate, she relishes the sting
Of others’ agony; perhaps the cruel
Bride of a syphilitic or a fool.
These speculations sour in the sun.
I have no daughter. I desire none. – Weldon Kees

You laugh with me,
When I am hearty and happy.
My dear you cry with me,
When it is the smallest and saddest thing.
Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter that you are,
Always shine like the brightest star!

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Prayer For My Daughter
I have walked and prayed for this young child an hour
And heard the sea-wind scream upon the tower,
And under the arches of the bridge, and scream
In the elms above the flooded stream;
Imagining in excited reverie
That the future years had come,
Dancing to a frenzied drum,
Out of the murderous innocence of the sea.
May she be granted beauty and yet not
Beauty to make a stranger’s eye distraught,
Or hers before a looking-glass, for such,
Being made beautiful overmuch,
Consider beauty a sufficient end,
Lose natural kindness and maybe
The heart-revealing intimacy
That chooses right, and never find a friend.
— W. B. Yeats

I Love My Daughter Poems

Grow up pretty and confident, my girl,
You have the will to go so far.
See the meanings of things that matter,
For those will take you where you are.
See positive insights in life,
That will help you to strive forever.
Try my girl if you have the wish to do,
Nobody can really stop you.
Just be who you want to be,
And life will be so merry.
You stay close to my heart and near,
I love you a lot, my daughter dear.

When you were small,
You used to cry in vain.
I used to comfort you,
Even in small pain.
You would say mom, please hold me tight,
I would take you in my arms to calm your fright.
Now you have grown up to be so wise,
Without you, I won’t survive.
Love you, my daughter!

She does everything without any reason,
She is just the same in every season.
She cares and does not make you feel,
She does everything for you with great zeal.
You do not have to tell her anything,
She is the sparkle of life, a very cute bling!

My baby, my child,
I love everything about you.
I love you all the time,
Even when you act wild.
Even when you cannot love yourself,
I wish you happiness, love, joy, and health.
I worry about you because I cannot imagine a life without you,
Do not ever forget that no matter where this life takes you,
I will be here cheering you on, ready to love you with open arms.

Your one smile brightens up my whole day,
I really don’t have any words to say.
You came into my life at a time when it was dark,
You have added a new spark.
It’s lovely to have a daughter like you,
I think I am like the blessed few!

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When you were little,
You and I always talked about your day.
Years later, though, it’s not every day,
We still talk about your day.
And I’m glad to hear you,
Just know, my sweet daughter,
I always love you.

Daughter Poems That Make You Cry

In good times,
You used to come to me with a smile.
When you were sad,
You used to cry for a while.
But I have seen, you have grown over a period of time.
I am so glad that you are mine,
My pretty daughter!

Daughter brings joy to your life,
She gives you inner peace.
Looking at her face,
All the tensions do cease.
Proud to have you in my life,
Without you, how will I survive?
Love you, sweetheart!

You are my sun, my moon, and my stars.
You light the sky with your fabulous style.
Your smile melts my heart away,
You captivate audiences with that gleam in your eyes.
You move monsters with your gentle spirit. I love you, my daughter!

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If I could tell you one thing over and over again,
It would be that I love you,
And I love you so much.
You light my world up at the end of a dark day.
You give me hope, with your child-like faith.
I love you, my daughter.

For someone, who’s younger than me,
You taught me so much about womanhood.
Your intelligence and your wit,
Brightens up my day.
For that, I want to thank you, my little queen,
And know that I love you, darling.

I love your enthusiasm, your joy, and bright smile,
With you in my mind, I can go for miles and miles.
I love you so much, there’s no need to be coy,
I love you so much; you’re my pride and my joy.

Famous Poems About Daughters

I loved you before I met you.
I loved you when you gave me morning sickness.
I loved you when you kept me up at night screaming.
I loved you when you had nightmares.
I loved you when you took your first steps, when you scraped your knee, when you said you hated me.
I will love you through your heartbreaks, through your hardships, and through your hard-headed moods.
I will love you forever, and a day more.

You are full of so many colors,
It always fills me with so much wonder.
Red as a rose, blue as a bird,
Yellow as straw, white as the sky.
So many colors make you who you are,
In my eyes, you are my star.

On the day you were born,
You were the cutest thing,
In my life.
And as you got older,
You were still my cutie pie.
No matter what you did,
I still loved you,
And to this day, I feel the same.

No matter how old you are,
Or what you have done.
No matter what goals you’ve set,
Or how many things you’ve won.
You’ll always be my baby,
My cherished little girl.
I love you more than anything,
More than all the world.

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My darling girl,
I love you more than words can tell.
And each day as you grow,
My one desire is for you to know,
That all who meet you wish you well.

You are an angel, my dear, an angel you’re to us,
An angel who has been sent from heaven on earth.
You were wrapped in silver paper and placed in a beautiful basket,
You looked like this lovely jewel or a diamond placed in a casket.
God sent you to us, and we promised him we’ll treat you right,
Because you were a gift sent to us under the stars in moonlight.
We love you, little daughter, for you’re an angel from heaven.

My sweet girl,
You are a blessing.
The most wonderful part of my life,
And the one person,
I love above all others.
You are my light, my world,
And the reason to exist.
As you grow,
I pray you’ll know,
I love you so.

You are the beat of my heart,
You have been special right from the start.
You are the sun that shines,
You are the light of the moon.
You are so kind,
You are my beautiful daughter,
You are one of a kind!

Short Daughter Poems

Oh, what a lovely daughter I have,
I am so proud of you.
Do you even have a clue?
That you are my life.
Oh, what a pretty daughter I have,
Thanks for coming into my life!

I wished for a sweet daughter,
And God gave me a little angel.
My daughter, you are my life,
You are my world.
I really can’t stay a day without you,
You are my everything.
Do you have a clue?
I love you so much!

My sweet little angel, I love you so,
And, I just want you to know,
That you are so special in my life.
Without you, it is hard to strive,
My daughter, my sweetheart, you are the best.
Stay blessed and happy with loving zest!

My Light
My little daughter, my shining light
Through the darkest hours
Through life’s storms
You always shine so bright.
You are my joy
You are my pride.

My little girl is now grown and steady,
I am so proud of the beautiful lady.
You are so wise,
And with so much strength.
My love for you has no bounds,
It has no limit and no length.

My daughter is truly,
A spectacular girl.
Whose intelligent strength,
Can take on the world.
And make human life better,
Because she’s the best.
And by being her parent,
I simply am blessed.

Whom should I thank?
God or my destiny?
For the gift of a lovely daughter in my life,
You are an angel to me now.
I don’t think without you,
I will be able to survive.
Thanks for coming in my life!

Do you know my love?
What you mean to me?
I may not be able to say,
That you mean the world to me.
You are the apple of my eyes,
You are perfect and so nice.
Proud of my daughter!