170+ Genuine Compliments For Men: Any Guy Would Love to Hear

Sincere and meaningful compliments for men will make any guy’s day brighter and more confident. When you want to make him feel great or simply spread positivity, best compliments to give a guy will make him feel loved and appreciated to strengthen your bond.

Whether you want to make your partner smile, lift a friend’s spirits, knowing how to compliment a guy will let him know what you think is amazing about him. Let’s light up his day and make him feel on top of the world with the perfect compliment that’s sure to make him smile.

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Best Compliments For Your Man

You have a great sense of humor.

You’re so intelligent and knowledgeable.

Loving you is so easy.

You have a kind heart and a compassionate spirit.

You’re so handsome and attractive.

You feel like home.

Don’t change.

You are handsome beyond words.

I really appreciate how kind you are.

You’re really funny.

You have beautiful eyes.

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You have the sweetest smile.

I appreciate you.

Being with you is the best part of my day because your presence makes it memorable.

You are complex without being complicated.

Just looking at you makes me smile.

Your smile is my favorite thing.

Your love has made me a strong and confident person.

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Personality-Based Compliments for a Good Guy

I feel so comfortable with you.

You have impeccable communication skills.

You’re the best listener I know.

I love how you treat people.

You are a hardworking and honorable guy, and I appreciate it.

I love listening to your ideas.

You’re so good with animals.

You have a wonderful personality, and I can say so because you have affected me. I hold you in high esteem.

You’re not afraid to take risks and try new things.

I can’t believe how comfortable you seem with people.

You never run out of ideas to impress me.

You’re the kindest, most generous person I know.

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You’re so easy to talk to. I feel like I can talk to you about anything.

You are one charming personality I know.

I love how much energy you put into lifting people up.

No one makes me laugh like you do.

Sometimes, I wonder why I took so long to fall for you. I’m glad to meet a kind-hearted person.

I don’t know anyone with a bigger heart or a more beautiful mind.

You simply never give up, do you? I’m in awe of your persistence.

Your personality can make anyone nervous.

You always try to see the best in people, including me.

You’re such a fun person. I can’t stop smiling when we’re together.

You have a heart of gold and a body of steel.

I’m constantly amazed by how you handle adversity. You’re a really emotionally strong person.

I feel really safe when I’m with you – both emotionally and physically.

You work so hard. It’s inspiring.

All it takes is a day with you to make me feel special.

You make it really easy for me to be myself.

You have a great laugh.

I love how you show your feelings. It makes me feel honored when you share them with me.

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Words to Compliment a Guy on His Looks

Those are great glasses!

Those jeans look fantastic on you!

I like your hair. They are as well-behaved as you are.

You’re so strong – I can tell you take your workouts seriously.

I love the way that shirt brings out your eyes.

You have an undisputed style that never fails to impress.

That tie is amazing.

Those glasses frames are perfect for you. Great choice!

Your eyes are so expressive. They keep telling me how much you love me.

Who cuts your hair? I totally love it.

Whatever you’re doing to look this good, keep it up.

I cannot remember even a single day when you were not dressed right.

You have a great sense of style.

I cannot control myself from noticing how good you look.

I love to watch you move.

Whenever I see you, I realize I have fallen for the most handsome man.

I just have to tell you that those jeans look amazing.

You truly inspire me to be fit and fabulous.

You smell pretty great.

I love the way you walk.

You have an irresistible smile, and I cannot keep calm.

I’m glad you take such good care of your teeth.

You have a unique style, and it is impressive.

You notice all the people checking you out, right?

You take good care of your body.

Your smile makes my knees a little wobbly.

You are seriously a treat to my eyes.

Can I take a picture of you? You just look so perfect right now, and I want to remember it.

I don’t notice anyone when you are around because I am busy admiring you.

You’re kind of adorable, you know.

You have such positive body language that no one can resist your charm.

Whatever you’re doing to work out, it’s pretty effective.

How does your hair always look so good?

How can you always look so handsome every day?

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Clever Compliments for Guys About Their Intelligence

You have such a fascinating take on the world. I love listening to you.

When I look into your eyes, I see intelligence, humor, and kindness.

You can pretty much figure anything out, can’t you?

You’re such a good artist (or musician or writer). I love seeing what you create.

You’re fascinating. I never get tired of talking with you.

How does it feel to be the smartest person in the room so often?

I love how much thought you put into things; it makes everything special.

If I have a problem to solve, you’re always the first person I ask for advice.

Is it weird how much I love listening to you talk? You’re so eloquent.

You sure seem to put a lot of thought into the discussions in class.

No one sees the world like you do, and I love it when you share your perspective with me.

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Best Ways to Compliment a Guy Over Text

I already miss your handsome face.

Spending time with you makes any day a special one for me.

Can’t believe how awesome you were in class today.

There is something about you that makes me fall in love with you repeatedly.

I keep thinking about how great you looked in that shirt.

I rejoice every second that I spend with you.

Just thinking about you and how amazing you are.

When you are around, I cannot stop blushing.

You looked great today. I’m just saying.

I just keep thinking about you when I am away from you.

You’re the kind of person it’s hard to stop thinking about.

You know how to put a smile on my face.

Love the way you look in that photo you just posted.

I always get butterflies when you are around.

I keep thinking about the way you seemed so comfortable meeting everyone today. You’re amazing.

I can stay in your arms forever and ever. It makes me feel warm.

Just had to tell you you’re adorable.

I feel so fortunate to have you in my life.

I keep cracking up thinking about that thing you said today. You’re hilarious.

You know how to impress me every time. You are a champ!

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Funny Compliments For Guys

It is not easy to be the real me, and that’s why I need you.

You are such a nerd. I’m into it.

You are the one only who matches my craziness levels.

My favorite color is… whatever you’re wearing.

I think you are the one responsible for all the global warming.

You may not be perfect, but your weirdness is a good fit for mine.

After food, you are my most favorite.

I like you more than Star Wars geeks like to trash-talk the prequel trilogy.

Thanks for accepting the weird me in your life. Now let’s celebrate.

You’re like math. Difficult, sometimes, but so worth getting to know.

You are almost as delicious as a cake.

I just want to hang with you and do dumb things together.

You have no idea how lucky you are to have me in your life.

You can do anything you put your mind to. But I know that look. Maybe hold off a bit.

You are the only person with whom I can have a conversation about the most stupid thing in this world.

I bet you do crossword puzzles in ink.

You are so adorable that you can easily get away with a murder.

How are you like strong coffee and soothing tea at the same time?

You are irritable and also likable at the same time.

You could totally survive a zombie apocalypse. Even zombies would be like, “He’s too pretty!”

When I am with you, I look less weird.

If I created a meme with your face on it, I would break the internet. No one should have that kind of power.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I will always rate you 11.

Chocolate is awesome, but have you tried looking at you?

You are the human form of sweatpants for me because you make me feel so comfortable.

If this were Neverland, all I’d have to do to fly is think of you. And I’d be flying a lot!

Sometimes, I wonder if sarcasm is your innate quality or you have mastered it with time.

You are so fit because you keep running inside my head.

Don’t ask me how often I think of you. It’s embarrassing. I may have set a record.

I am as addicted to you as people are addicted to their phones.

I just wonder if I am extra active or you are extra lazy.

Sometimes, I feel that you got plastic surgery done to look that handsome.

Flirty Compliments For Guys

This year onwards, you will be an important part of all my prayers and wishes.

You’ve been in my head all day today. People keep asking why I’m smiling so much.

Just smile once and you can make any regular day a special one for me.

Your positivity always makes me do good things. For instance, you made me fall in love with you!

I can’t hear your voice without wanting to do things with you. Keep talking.

I cannot stop smiling when you are around because you make me happy inside out.

I blush when you look at me because you make me nervous and lost.

You always tell me I am lost. It is your effect on me.

Something about you makes me want to grab hold of you and kiss you. But I don’t, because . . . boundaries.

It is so difficult to take my eyes off you because you are irresistibly handsome.

I sometimes wonder how lucky I am that you have fallen for me.

Last night was incredible. I’m having a hard time thinking of anything else.

You make me skip a heartbeat every time you smile at me.

I am always confused because I don’t know whether I should keep admiring your beauty or shower you with kisses.

I have just realized that flirting with you makes my days awesome.

I never thought I’d enjoy kissing as much as I love kissing you. It’s not weird or pointless at all. I’m into it.

I love chocolate cake but I love it more when it is on your face.

You are someone who has casted a magic spell on me because I cannot even think right when you are around.

You know exactly how I want to be touched — when I want to be touched. Use this power for good.

Falling in love with you was a coincidence but you making me nervous in love is certainly intentional.

You are my prince charming and I am loving this fairy tale.

When I hear your voice, my mind goes to some dark places — which reminds me, we should find one of those… like right now.

I would travel any distance to end my day in your arms.

I think I am intoxicated by your love and I am loving it.

You smell good. I’m gonna need a longer hug.